Bedroom colour combination ideas to transform your favourite room

All the bedroom colour combination ideas and the boundless inspiration you need to transform your bedroom into a warm and welcoming sanctuary. The living room may well be a ...

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All the bedroom colour combination ideas and the boundless inspiration you need to transform your bedroom into a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

The living room may well be a space where you entertain, perhaps spend some time watching TV with the family, or just lounge about; the bedroom will always be the one room where you spend the maximum amount of time. 

Whether it’s your Sunday siesta or a restful sleep after a long day at work, the bedroom is where you always head to, don’t you? Getting the bedroom colour ideas and the room’s colour combination right is extremely crucial.

Colour plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall mood of the bedroom, with the potential to significantly impact sleep quality, energy levels, and our overall well-being. And everything in the room – from the choice of paint shade to wallpaper and upholstery, contributes to the bedroom’s colour scheme.

Explore our thoughtfully curated bedroom colour combination ideas to find inspiration for your bedroom décor.

  • Incorporate Hues of Green


Green is closely connected with nature and is an excellent option for bedrooms. It brings nature’s nurturing into the home and fosters a calming, tranquil ambience. This is particularly beneficial for spaces devoted to promoting our health and well-being and achieving the best night’s sleep. And, when you pair green with off-white walls and wooden furniture, green offers the most soothing and serene room colour combination ideas.

  • Introduce a burnt orange headboard alongside your grey wall 


If you’re looking for bedroom colour combination ideas, you could consider choosing an upholstered headboard to bring colour and pattern via the tufting design into the room. It forms the focal point and provides a foundation on which one can build the colour scheme of the rest of the room, making it an excellent starting point for selecting the colour combination for your bedroom. Here an upholstered headboard in burnt orange hues combined with deep blue curtains adds a joyful feel to the space, while soft shades of grey nicely complement the vibrant colours on the wall.

  • Sophisticated in Black and White 

In this black and white bedroom, you’ll find warm wood flooring and an elegant black botanical print behind the bed, serving as a tasteful backdrop. The upholstered black headboard makes a bold statement in the room without overpowering it. These light tones of the warm wood flooring soften the high-contrast pairing of black and white making it a great bedroom colour combination idea.

  • Experiment with Lilac Hues


Soft and elegant purples like lilac and lavender are experiencing a resurgence in interior design, making them ideal choices for bedroom colour combination ideas. These shades can serve as lovely accents for bedroom colours.

For a contemporary take on this serene hue, contemplate blending it with off-white tones and wood elements, amplifying the natural and calming essence. In this bedroom, see how the textured rug, botanical prints, and woven lampshades harmonise with the room’s natural theme.

  • Introduce graphic patterns with soft Grey, Pink, and White pastel hues 


One of the best room colour combination ideas includes using wall paint to create captivating graphic patterns, with soft grey, pink, and white pastel hues blending with the calming tones of the teal blue bed. The herringbone wooden flooring introduces a character and offers an affordable way to infuse bold geometric elements into any bedroom decor.

  • Use Deep Tones like deep Grey and Purple  to cocoon your space


For a stylish and versatile bedroom colour, deep grey is an excellent choice. In this compact bedroom, the sleek combination of grey and purple creates a striking visual impact and a cocooning effect. When planning your colour scheme, consider the mood you want to establish. Darker colours create a cosy and secure ambience while adding lively purple hues in the bed linen and cushions can energise the space for a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Bold in Coral Hues


Innovative bedroom colour combination ideas also include using coral for infusing warmth and a sense of joy. However, highlighting all the bedroom walls in this colour can be overpowering. Use it as an accent colour combined with white surfaces, ceiling, and light wood flooring behind the bed, where it naturally harmonises with green, as demonstrated in this bedroom enlivened with lush green plants.

  • Embrace Black and Red

Embrace Black and Red

Delve into a daring and dreamy bedroom colour combination  that is akin to this vibrant red and black design, where the red radiates energy, while the subtle black maintains its timeless appeal. The open shelves in wood incorporate soft backlighting to infuse warmth and contribute to an exceptionally calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

  • Paint the Ceiling

Paint the Ceiling

The fifth wall, also known as the ceiling, is painted in a bright pink shade, coordinating with the bed linen. The rest of the room is predominantly white, with a pink-framed mirror and striped curtains to weave the space together.

  • Choose Warm Earthy Tones

Choose Warm Earthy Tones

As sanctuaries of relaxation, bedrooms should emanate a feeling of warmth and welcome so consider selecting soothing, earthy colours to achieve this. These comforting, natural tones have the power to envelop the space and create a comforting ambience. Terracotta, for example, is a wonderful choice to introduce into your interiors, whether through the use of cotton bedding or as the dominant hue accentuating your bedroom walls as in this bedroom interiors.

These styling tips will guide you in selecting the perfect bedroom colours, emphasising their significance in shaping the ambience since you will be consuming and interacting with them every day when you wake up and sleep.

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