12 Color Combinations That Elevate Your Purple Wall

Painting your walls anytime soon? Incorporate these purple wall colour combinations in your home for a stunning, new look. The colour purple is indeed regal and can make a ...

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Painting your walls anytime soon? Incorporate these purple wall colour combinations in your home for a stunning, new look.

The colour purple is indeed regal and can make a bold statement on your home’s walls. Since this hue certainly stands out, it can do wonders for highlighting your walls the right way. Did you know, there are several shades of purple that you can experiment with until you find a colour that catches your eye? From lilac to amethyst, the range is extensive and you can choose to go lighter or deeper as per your aesthetic preference. Purple colour pairs well with different hues, and together, they can create combinations that can make your walls look even more elegant. We list some bold and beautiful purple wall colour combinations that you should try. 

Lavender and Silver

Add a metallic touch to the subtle beauty of lavender, and enhance your walls with a bold new look. This shade of purple makes a great combination with silver for your walls, and can be used in different ratios as per your liking. Make an accent silver wall or pick a metallic lavender that gives off a silvery sheen. 

Mauve and Pink

Mauve & Pink - Urban Company

Want to create a purple zone with tones that complement each other? Pick a wall colour combination of mauve and pink. Since mauve is slightly greyish in its undertones, select a pink shade that adds vibrancy to the walls. This combination is also well-suited for bedrooms where colour play can create a soothing ambience. 

Lilac and Yellow

Lilac & Yellow Paint - Urban Company

A subtle yet impressive purple colour combination for your walls, this one is perfect for children’s room where you can paint all walls lilac and add hints of yellow through the soft furnishings and decor. Or, add an accent yellow wall as the rest remain this soft tone of purple, livening up the space even further. 

Plum and Beige

Plum & Beige - Urban Company

The rich shade of plum purple with its reddish undertones is not just visually delectable but adds a touch of elegance to your room’s walls. Combined with the warmth of beige, it creates a striking contrast to lighten up the space without taking away its effect. Keep your furniture in beige while the walls can be plum, or reverse the combination if your room doesn’t get much natural light. 

Violet and Off-White

Voilet & Off-white Color Combination - Urban Company

Violet is quite commonly used on walls when the idea is to add drama through some colour play. A good purple wall colour combination is with off-white, that can add subtlety to the otherwise dark tone. When deciding how to use this colour combination in your room, keep the accent wall violet and the rest off-white, or pick a striped pattern for the perfect balance. 

Periwinkle and Black

Periwinkle Black Color Combination - Urban Company

A beautiful combination of blue and violet, periwinkle is a tone of purple colour that’s soothing to look at. To create a bold contrast, pair it with black that adds character to your room. Instead of using black on your walls, add accents of it through the furniture and decor and keep the walls in a shade of periwinkle. 

Eggplant and White 

Eggplant & White Color Combination - Urban Company

Eggplant or aubergine is a deep, dark variant of purple colour, and goes well with white to balance the combination. If you have a small space, keep the accent wall in an eggplant purple hue and the rest of the walls white, or you can reverse this colour scheme if you want to create a darker setting. 

Orchid and Blue

Orchid & Blue Color Combination - Urban Company

Create a bouquet of colours on your walls by combining orchid purple shade with a pastel tone of blue. This purple wall colour combination can be balanced by painting the central wall blue and the rest in orchid purple, or by adding a light tone of icy blue on the ceiling with the walls in this purple hue. 

Amethyst and Lilac

Amythyst & Lilac Color Combination - Urban Compnay

Deriving a purple tone from the amethyst gemstone, this is a bold hue that commands your attention when you walk into the room. Walls of this colour are best combined with hints of lilac thrown in for creating a medley of purple colours in the same space. For an added effect, use a metallic shade of amethyst on your walls. 

Iris and Grey

Iris & Grey Color Combination - Urban Company

Another purple colour that gets its name from a flower, iris is stunning simply on its own, without the need of any complementing colour. If, however, you love to add some more tones or make it stand out even more, add a subtle or dark shade of grey in your room. Perhaps a grey couch that doesn’t take the attention away from your iris purple walls. 

Royal Purple and Gold 

Royal & Purple Gold - Urban Company

Also called regal or tyrian purple, it is a deep tone, and when mixed with metallic gold can create an elegant colour combination for your walls. Associated with royalty, this one is perfect for those who like their walls to stand out and draw more attention than the decor. Use this in your lounge for a moody ambience. 

Different Shades of Purple 

Now that you know the different shades of purple out there, one way to incorporate it in your wall colour is to use four to five of them, going from light to dark or vice versa, creating an ombre effect in the process. This will give your walls a shaded look and when paired with white furniture, will create a cohesive interior style. 

So, which purple wall colour combination will you pick? 

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