5 Great Ideas For Your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Five years ago if you had asked someone what a pre wedding photo shoot is, chances are you would have been greeted with a blank stare and the card ...

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Five years ago if you had asked someone what a pre wedding photo shoot is, chances are you would have been greeted with a blank stare and the card of the portrait studio around the block. Now, however, Indian weddings are seeing a makeover- your wedding is not just about the decor, the food, or the venue, it’s also about you and the bond that you share with your significant other! And, obviously, a pre wedding photo shoot is the best way to capture what really defines your romance.

Of course, there’s a certain amount of thought that needs to go into planning the shoot. The pre wedding photo shoot locations, props, theme, costumes- everything needs to come together to bring out the personality of the couple and weave a unique tale. To give you a clearer picture of what you’re really looking for, here are five pre-wedding photography themes that are trending this season:

Our partners put their minds together and came up with novel ways to get your pre-wedding shoot done

Bringing the Fairy Tale to Life

For those who want timeless elegance, this theme is definitely the way to go. Heritage hotels are usually the best spaces for this theme, but you could also opt for a historic location to add character to the picture- not only will it add to the beauty of your pictures, it’ll also make for the perfect Indian pre wedding photo shoot!


A Little Whimsy

If your relationship is all about silliness, laughter, and fun- a couple of props are all you’ll need to bring it out in the photos! Whether it’s the bubbles that you both love, the paper planes that you love to toss in the air, or that umbrella you once shared, each of these pre wedding photo shoot props will bring out the story of your love.




Bollywood has literally defined the idea of romance in this country and, for those who want that extra bit of drama, a filmi theme could not be more perfect. Sure, DDLJ is overdone, but there’s no need to stick to the 90’s. You can always go retro with bouffant hairdos or bright frocks.



Crowds, Colour and Chaos

So you want to bring back the anticipation of the first date and make it really special, but you don’t know how? Well, it’s not a conventional choice but you’d be amazed to see the results that a good photographer can get in the colours of the bazaar, the intimacy of your regular coffee shop, or simply the visual of both of you strolling down the street while the world rushes past. Pick a great pre wedding photo shoot location, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed with the results!

It’s The Journey That Counts

Whether you’re both passionate about cycling, or you met on the bus- or even if you share a fantasy of a desi road trip complete with truck and dhabas– adding a vehicle to the mix is an innovative way to document your journey as a couple.



We’re sure that, by now, you must have already started thinking about how you’d like your pre-wedding photo shoot to be. Whether it’s the Cinderella story you want to capture, or the quirky vibe that you both share, a professional photographer will make sure to immortalise your love in each frame. And, of course, we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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