Dress Up From Head To Toe With Urban Company


The beauty of India lies in its history and culture. The myriads of festivals that reiterate that many religions coexist in this country. Celebrating them is not just a celebration of one’s ethnicity, but also a celebration of secularism, making everyone a part of your happiness.

And when you are the one inviting people, you have to look your best. Every festival calls for it and we at Urban Company will help you dress up from head to toe. Our salon at home services offer everything that will help you get the perfect makeover.This is how..


Dress up Your Tresses

Long or short, straight or curls, paint the hair red or go brunet, it will give you the look that is bound to make heads turn. The hair stylists with Urban Company make sure that they give your crowning glory the royal treatment it deserves.


Face It

The happiness in your heart this festive season, should be reflected on your face. From shaping those eyebrows to indulging in an exotic facial, our beauty specialists have a box full of goodies that treat you like the princess that you are. Leave it to us to get you festive ready and leave it to your family to add that beautiful smile on your face.


Red Carpet Manicure

Folding your hands in prayer, extending your hand to touch the feet of the elderly, hand shakes with your friends and stuffing yourself and others with the delectable festive sweets.  If you re going to use your hands to roll out the red carpet for your guests, you make sure they get the red carpet treatment as well. A good manicure is all it takes to have beautiful hands that can be a part of the festive grandeur. Mix it up with groovy nail arts or simply add the glitter that resonates the sparkle of the festival.


Twinkle Toes

Your boots are meant for walking, but why walk with feet that you are not happy looking at. Pedicure at home is like your time out in the lap of comfort, and our salon specialists give you a host of pedicures to chose from. From the basic pedicure to the luxury experience, pamper your feet, dress them well and be ready to take off those shoes and dance through the night. There is a very good chance that people will be too busy admiring your feet than dancing with theirs.

Request a salon at home service on Urban Company, and dress up from head to toe.

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