Transform your space with these 20 mesmerising home interior colour combinations

The skilful use of the right colour palate combined with the right furniture and accessories can enhance the overall ambience of a space. Selecting the best home interior colour ...

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The skilful use of the right colour palate combined with the right furniture and accessories can enhance the overall ambience of a space.

Selecting the best home interior colour combination can be trickier than you might imagine. For one, you ought to consider not just your own colour preferences but also those of your family members who occupy the same space as you. Each of the following home interior colour combinations signifies something. Tell us, which one do you relate to the most?

  • Forest Green + Brown+ Peach

Forest Green + Brown+ Peach

Ideal for nature enthusiasts: as exquisite as the shades of a lush forest – green, peach, and light brown. Natural textured materials such as jute, linen, and more, make wonderful additions to this house colour scheme.

  • Pink+Green


Pink and green, both rich in depth, harmoniously combined, instantly captivating, rejuvenating any bedroom or living space making it one of the best home interior colour combinations. The vibrancy and cosiness of pink contrast beautifully with the earthy tones of green, infusing the room with a perpetual sense of vitality reminiscent of a perpetual summer.

  • Blue + Orange + Brown

Blue + Orange + Brown

Subtle orange tones paired with blue walls and ceilings alongside brown flooring infuse a sense of refinement into the colour palette for your home. The room’s aesthetics are elevated by the bold botanical print on the ceiling, creating a space that exudes both serenity and confidence.

  • Blue + Light Grey/White + Brown

Blue + Light Grey/White + Brown

The colours present in a room can significantly impact our mood. One of the home interior colour combinations that is known for its calming effects is light grey and blue, while the addition of a brown backsplash contributes character to the interior.

  • Blue + Peach

Blue + Peach

Infuse a youthful and lively atmosphere into the colour palette for the home by incorporating blue walls, a peach ceiling, and playful candy-coloured accessories to accentuate the wall.

  • Yellow + White

Yellow + White

Yellow is the most invigorating hue on the colour wheel for walls. The cheerful and carefree nature of yellow takes on an enigmatic quality when coupled with white. This home interior colour combination exudes a sense of freshness and can do wonders in a lively living room.

  • Peach + White

Peach + White

The cosy and pleasing nature of peach brings comfort and elegance to your home when combining it with white. It also juxtaposes with white injecting a revitalising energy into the colour palette for home. Enhance the effect by incorporating wallpaper in a botanical design that complements this colour home interior colour combination.

  • Black + White


Timeless black and white have remained beloved choices in house colour schemes throughout the ages offering versatility and sophistication. You have the option to use this home interior colour combination and then furnish the room with off-white and beige tones, creating a timeless and elegant ambience.

  • Green + Off-White + Brown

Green + Off-White + Brown

Incorporating off-white and wood tones into the mix, green, such as forest green, becomes an excellent choice for wall paint in open spaces. Enhance the ambience with botanical prints and plants to bring life to your house’s colour scheme.

  • Teracotta + White

Teracotta + White

Terracotta and white form a timeless combination that exudes an earthy vibe, blending seamlessly with the wood flooring to create a harmonious and natural atmosphere. This house colour scheme, while bold, complements the open spaces within the home beautifully.

  • Grey + Off-White

Grey + Off-White

Depending on the interior style, blue and off-white can embody the qualities of modernity and elegance to the colour palette for home. It is one of the most uncomplicated combinations to employ, and remains a timeless pairing.

  • Black + Red


The home interior colour combination of red and black creates a dramatic and powerful impact, ideal for focal points in areas like dens, hallways, and stairways. It adds intensity to the room, but that may not suit every taste.

  • Lavender + Coral

Lavender + Coral

This colour palette for home is a striking choice for spaces where you want to make a statement, ideally suited for the den and entertainment areas. However, it’s best reserved for open areas of the house and used in moderation.

  • Blue + Forest Green

Blue + Forest Green

Green and blue, being cool colours make for a great home interior colour combination. They also work together harmoniously in this house colour scheme. The blue walls and ceiling, complemented by the green furniture, rejuvenate the space, offering a fresh atmosphere without overpowering it. This earthy combination brings forth a nature-inspired ambience.

  • Viva Magenta + Beige + Brown

Viva Magenta + Beige + Brown

The dynamic combination of the 2023 Viva Magenta alongside beige and brown creates a striking and impactful palette, making it an ideal choice for dens. This house colour scheme envelopes the room and its occupants with a powerful and energetic ambience.

  • Beige + Taupe

Beige + Taupe

Opt for distinctly neutral colours like beige and taupe for a colour palette for home. This home interior colour combination works best when you want a calming atmosphere that complements wooden furniture.

  • Grey + Black


Who says that neutral tones are dull and boring? Combining two deep hues like black and grey can produce a rich and sophisticated look, often associated with a masculine vibe. This home interior colour combination works seamlessly in dens, master bedrooms, and kitchens.

  • Yellow + Grey


Yellow, the most invigorating colour on the wheel, takes on a mysterious charm when combined with a subdued grey. This colour palette for home is versatile, and suitable for playrooms, living rooms, and any indoor-outdoor space.

  • Pink + Blue


The pairing of blue and pink hues makes an instant impression and can rejuvenate a bedroom or living room.

  • Burgundy + White


The burgundy accent wall injects vitality into the otherwise all-white bedroom, elevating the decor to a whole new level and breathing life into the space, especially when complemented with green plants.

Experiment with these home interior colour combinations to elevate the overall aesthetic by introducing diverse elements such as furniture, accessories, and upholstery in contrasting or complementary hues to achieve a polished look.

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