Here is why you should opt for chocolate wax!

Turns out, your skin loves chocolate just as much as you do. Here are the benefits of chocolate wax no one told you about. You’re welcome.  It’s ...

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Turns out, your skin loves chocolate just as much as you do. Here are the benefits of chocolate wax no one told you about. You’re welcome. 

It’s a given that waxing can be a painful process. And if you’re someone who gets it done only periodically, you’ll know that it’s never going to be an easy session. Just the anticipation of the wax strip being pulled is enough to ruin your day. But you don’t have to necessarily go through hell with the idea of your body hair plucked by a hot strip of wax. 

What if we told you that your days of wincing in pain could finally be put in the past? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Introducing chocolate wax: an easy and effective solution to your hair removal problems. When it comes to pampering your skin, it may not feel like a spa, but it’s easily the next best thing. 

As with all other good things in life, waxing comes with a variety of options. Chocolate wax has several benefits for your skin – and it smells like heaven. 

Here’s a look at all the chocolate wax benefits that will make you switch to this ingenious method for good. 

What is chocolate wax?

Chocolate wax is a type of wax that contains cocoa, almond oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, glycerine, and vitamins. These ingredients make chocolate wax thicker and, therefore the application much easier on the skin. If you tend to get red bumps on your skin after a waxing session, you’ll be glad to know that chocolate wax doesn’t result in as much pain or swelling as regular wax. And it will leave your skin feeling as smooth as butter after the session. 

Chocolate wax benefits for healthy and glowing skin 

Whether you have sensitive skin or just a low threshold for pain, chocolate wax is a game-changer. These chocolate wax benefits will change your perception of waxing and make hair removal a breeze. So much so that you will look forward to your waxing sessions each time. Here are some chocolate wax benefits for your skin.

Prevents ingrowth

An ingrown hair is exactly what it sounds like: hair that grows back into your skin. This is often a side-effect of tweezing, shaving, or waxing. No matter how careful you are or your skin type, this happens to the best of us. However, one of the chocolate wax benefits is that it actually helps prevent ingrown hair. 

How it works is that after you have removed your body hair using chocolate wax, chances of the prickly and bumpy-looking strands growing inwards on your skin are a lot less. Chocolate wax is oil-based as opposed to regular wax which is sugar-based and hence, it provides a better grip on your skin during hair removal. Ingrown hair often causes skin irritation and itching. While this might be one of the reasons you might prefer other hair removal methods to waxing, with chocolate wax, you can avoid the problem altogether. 

Helps lighten tan

Whether you have just returned from a beach trip or forgot to apply sunscreen before a swim sesh, it’s natural for your skin to tan. With chocolate wax, you don’t have to wait for the tan to reduce on its own. 

Among its other benefits, chocolate wax helps lighten the tan. This happens because waxing helps remove the tanned layer of the skin cells. The new layer that is produced matches your original skin tone thus removing tan and giving your skin a new sheen. So, you can bring out your shorts and dresses after a fresh waxing session, without worrying about the visible tan. 

Slows down hair regrowth

Most body hair tends to regrow every two weeks with regular wax. And therefore, you probably have to schedule a waxing appointment twice a month and bear the pain twice as often. However, one of the many chocolate wax benefits includes slow regrowth. When you use chocolate wax, it sometimes takes up to a month for your body hair to regrow. This doesn’t just make chocolate wax a convenient but also an economically sound option! To be sure, hair regrowth varies from person to person and depends on several factors such as skin type, hair quality, and thickness etc. Once you start using chocolate wax consistently, your hair regrowth rate should however, reduce over time. 

Gives you smooth skin

Remember how you sometimes have red bumps on your skin, after a fresh waxing session? Waxing has multiple side effects on the skin, such as redness, itchiness, and inflammation, which often subside by applying ice or a cooling gel on the affected area. However, this is not the case with chocolate wax since it is made of natural ingredients, including skin-sustaining mineral oils, because of which it is much gentler on your skin. Among the multiple other chocolate wax benefits, smooth skin ranks highest. If you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing post-waxing, chocolate wax is your safest bet. And you need little to no post-care! 

Safe for skin 

Chocolate wax gets its name from the ingredients that go into it. Chocolate wax is usually made of organic products such as cocoa, almond oil, olive oil, glycerine, and vitamins, making it safe for all skin types. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin since it does not cause swelling after application. Before your waxing session, it is best to inform your professional about your skin type and get advice on the type of wax best suited for you. 

The colour is a soothing cream and smells delicious with its sweet fragrance. Chocolate wax is also thicker in texture, making it easier for hair removal with minimal pain. You don’t need to clutch your cushion anymore, during your waxing sessions!

Apart from these benefits, using chocolate wax can reduce itchiness, inflammation, and redness.

Chocolate wax is a great way to keep your skin healthy and silky smooth. It also has a less sticky texture than regular wax containing sugar or honey, which causes more pain. While it can be a bit heavier on the pocket, chocolate wax helps ease the process of hair removal tenfold. This has probably got to be its best benefit, knowing how painful and messy a waxing session can usually get. 

If you want to try chocolate wax for your next session, you can book an appointment with one of our qualified professionals right here.

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