roll-on wax

All You Need to Know About Cartridge Waxing

Urban Company recently launched the Smart Roll-on Wax or Cartridge Wax in India and since many are are curious to know more about it, we decided to put all the information in…


20 Wedding Saree Ideas To Inspire You!

That, there is no match to the grace and elegance of an Indian saree, is old news. No wonder generations of women opted for the timeless nine yards on their wedding days…


Health Benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Anulom Vilom Pranayama is a popular breathing exercise associated with traditional yoga which is used to calm the mind and body. ‘Anulom’ translates as ‘with the grain’ or ‘natural’ whilst ‘vilom’ means…

how to trim your beard at home

Learn How to Trim Your Beard At Home!

The current quarantine situation has got everyone re-evaluating, re-imagining and re-doing things we’ve deemed normal. Hair care & beard care are just a few of these many things. While the lockdown has…


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