What No One’s Telling You About 9 Popular Home Design & Decor Ideas (A Reality Check!)

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We all have done interior design blunders once in our life. Largely because we tend to follow popular designs and trend ideas blindly. But there are some interior design and home decor ideas that are so popular, people are adding them to their home without realising they come with their own set of drawbacks. We pull back the curtains and ask real home owners to show you what it really takes to handle popular home decor & design elements once they’ve been installed in or bought for your house.

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Save yourself from committing these interior design blunders!

  1. White Sofa

    Living Room Tricks
    White Sofa in a Minimal Styled Living Room

Pros: The imagination of a white sofa would give you the impression that it is that one element in your home that goes with anything and everything. All you need to do to give it a fresh look is to swap the pillow covers.

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Cons: A white sofa is annoyingly prone to stains and fades in colour over time. It truly is a hassle to maintain in India with all the dust and house help who could not be bothered with “washing hands before touching white furnishings” as per your instructions!

  1. Glass furniture

    Living Room Ideas
    Glass Furniture in a modern Living Room

Pros: Glass furniture never fails to give a royal and luxurious feel. It also magnifies a space and makes it look brighter as it bounces light around.

Cons: Glass furniture is fragile and can be delicate. Keeping mirrored or glass furniture in a house with kids could also be risky and unsafe!

  1. Chrome Faucet

    Bathroom Tips
    Stylish and Sleek Chrome Faucet

Pros: The faucet surface is shiny and looks clean, adding a modern touch to your kitchen design or bathroom. Plus, it’s affordable!

Cons: Chrome shows water spots and fingerprints easily and is a lot more scratch prone than other metals.

  1. Velvet Fabric

    Sofa Decor

Pros: The ultra-soft feel and elegant look of velvet furniture are very inviting. It comes in a range of shades and you can complement and contrast it with a range of colours, fabrics and metals too.

Cons: Dust and pet hair cling to it and it shows wear and tear too quickly.

Real Home Owner Experience: I have a navy blue velvet sofa – you can imagine the amount of dust that’s visible on a dark fabric that attracts dust! Suffice to say, that’s one purchase I absolutely regret.

  1. Natural Wall Coverings

    Living Room Wall Decor

Pros: Natural wall coverings such as grass cloth are made from natural fibres and they add warmth and texture to a cosy room space. They also come handy in hiding holes drilled for nails.

Cons: Natural wall coverings are heavier and more delicate to install than regular wallpaper.

  1. Glass Tiles

    Kitchen Tile Tips

Pros: Glass Tiles are an amazing way to add vibrance to your kitchen or bathroom and they make a space look bigger as they reflect light. They are non-porous which means they cannot absorb moisture.

Cons: Glass tiles can chip easily and can even show cracks.

  1. Pedestal Sinks

    Bathroom Tips

Pros: Pedestal sinks are polished and look neat. They also don’t take up much floor space making them a favourite for small bathrooms. Additionally, pedestal sinks are budget-friendly and easily available.

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Cons: Pedestal sinks don’t provide scope for in-built storage so you’ll have to make adjacent cabinets that could look to be space consuming.

Real Home Owner Experience: They are also very easy to clean & maintain! But the storage bit is true, I needed to build a wall cabinet next to it for storage.

  1. Flat Paint

    Wall Paint

Pros: As flat paint is water-based they are least reflective and are velvety in texture. Hence, very obvious that they are the ideal choice for hiding imperfections

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Cons: Flat finishes are less durable than glossy or satin paint.

  1. Brick Pathways


Pros: Here’s the thing about brick pathways – they are preferred over concrete because they look elegant and are better prices than natural stone pavers. If installed well, they could last you a decade.

Cons: If the pathway is not done correctly, it could look uneven. Also, there is a chance that the bricks could break.

Now you know what the reality behind these popular designs is. The next time you get into interior design mode, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions based on what you’ve just read!

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