Amazing Hacks For a Clean & a Sparkling Bathroom

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Cleaning a bathroom is no ones idea of a good time. Bathroom dirt can gross anyone out and most of us would hire help for it. But why pass the baton to someone who is not an expert? Why make anyone endure the repeated scrubbing which doesn’t yield the results you would want?

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Here are some awesome hacks that can help you make an expert out of anyone (and yourself!). These hacks are simple and will leave your bathroom as good as new. No harsh chemicals that will strip the enamel off and make your bathroom look unpleasant, but home ingredients that are safe.

These hacks make it simple for you to clean your bathroom on a regular basis. It is easy and does not take too much of your time.

To be honest nothing stresses me more than a dirty bathroom. My only bone of contention on a road trip is the lack of usable bathroom on the way. With the holiday season, you wouldn’t want to your guests to be put off with an unclean loo which is missing the essentials of a powder room. Here are some tips to prepare your bathroom in a way that makes them comfortable for you and your guests:

  1. The toilet paper- If you are expecting many guests don’t have a toilet roll hanging on its last roll. Replace it with a new one and also keep an extra roll of paper on top of the cistern or simply stash a few rolls under the sink in a beautiful basket.
  2. Apart from hand towels, keep a stash of paper towels as well.
  3. For those heading in for a quick tinkle do not need much, but what about those for the long haul? Truth is you will have some guests going in to spend some time in there. Keep some good reads hanging on a nice magazine rack if you do not have any special storage space.
  4. Be sure to have a trash can in there so the napkins or the toilet paper isn’t flushed.
  5. Keep the washroom well ventilated and invest in an air freshener. On days when there will be many visiting, you sure do want your bathroom to be inviting for the first one who goes in and the last one too!

We hope the hacks and the tips are helpful for you guys. I am sure I am not the only one with this pet peeve and lets face it, this is a healthy pet peeve to have 🙂

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