Makeup Artists at Pre-Wedding Shoots…IS THIS A THING NOW? (And do you need one?)


“Maybe I don’t need a makeup artist,” you innocently say to yourself while planning your pre-wedding shoot. “Maybe I will simply YouTube some makeup tutorials the night before and…I’ll be fine. I’ll learn how to do a flawless winged eyeliner and I’ll perfect the art of blending sunscreen under the foundation so that it doesn’t show up in photographs.”

A good wedding photographer charges between 15,000-20,000 for a pre-wedding shoot. Who is going to spend even more to get a good result?

After all, you’ll be able to figure out what makeup look will match with each of your outfits, and you’ll touch up frequently during the day to look flawless. This, of course, will NOT hamper the romance that will come alive with your bae during the pre-wedding shoot. And you will NOT spend more time looking at yourself than you will spend lovingly gazing at your soon-to-be-husband. Right?


Brides are spending so much time figuring out the perfect outfit, a unique shoot concept and the best location for interesting backdrops that professionally done makeup has become as crucial to the pre-wedding shoot as it has been for the big day. So while spending money on a good photographer is worth it, budgeting a few thousand rupees for hiring a professional make-up artist for the shoot can be the difference between great and okay pictures!

Here’s why you need a makeup artist for your pre-wedding shoot.

#1 Getting The Look Right

You are the focus of each image and if you look great, the pictures do as well. Looking stunning in the shoot should be the top-most priority for a bride-to-be. However, getting the right look isn’t easy. A professional makeup expert will understand your skin tone and how to highlight your best features for great shots. They understand the lighting and weather conditions and how they will affect your overall look.

Photo Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

#2 You Should Focus Only On Enjoying The Shoot

From funny ‘save-the-date’ to romantic moments with your to-be, your pre-wedding shoot is all about having fun! But organizing a shoot, brainstorming ideas, looking picture perfect and smiling for hours can be tiring and distracting. To add to it, you will end up carrying your outfits, a heavy makeup vanity kit and rechecking your look from time to time. All of this can be overwhelming. Let your makeup artist do all the worrying so that you can just enjoy your shoot.

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Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Story

#3 Change Looks Quickly!

We advise trying at least a couple of different locations and looks during the shoot. Along with the setting, change your outfits, look, and attitude! A makeup artist can help you make this transition quickly and easily. Also, if you style your hair differently – it can make a lot of difference.

Photo Courtesy: Mehar Photography

#ProTip: Do discuss your outfits and preferred looks in advance with your makeup artist. (S)he can come prepared for the change and could advise you on how to best sequence them.


#4 Helps You Handle The Weather!

Most of the pre-wedding shoots are done outdoors in the morning sun. As the shoot progresses, the sun becomes harsher and you sweat more! If you think you can apply sunscreen and some matte foundation by yourself, then think again. This will make your skin look oily and dull. After a few hours of the shoot, sweat will start building up and you’ll risk spoiling your look. A professional makeup expert will know how to handle the heat.

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Photo Courtesy: Wedding Nama

#5 Each Shot – Picture Perfect – Even After Hours

A shoot can easily last 4-6 hours and you will feel your energy and makeup draining away towards the end. Your makeup artist is all set to pamper you constantly with refreshing touch-ups. From fixing your false eyelashes to correcting lip liner and even fixing your dress, they would ensure that your makeup doesn’t fade away and you look perfect in each shot.

Photo Courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

#6 The Best Kind of Moral Support!

Let’s admit that it is not easy to pose for hours in front of a camera. Makeup artists know how to make you comfortable and at ease. And, when you’re at ease, you feel great and undoubtedly look great!

Photo Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

What do you think? Would you hire a makeup artist for your pre-wedding shoot?

Psst…if you’re wonder where you can hire a makeup artist for your pre-wedding shoot, go here  and choose “Other” under the question “which event do you need the makeup for?”

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