Pinterest Home Decor Trends 2019: Decoded for Indian Homes!

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From mustard yellow to textile art, the top 10 Pinterest home decor trends are out! We tell you how to incorporate them into your Indian home.

(These trends are part of a larger list of Top 100 Trends to Try in 2019, according to Pinterest.)

So, here we go!

1. Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow home accents
Image: Courtesy Pinterest

We’ve said this repeatedly and love to continue saying it: Warmer shades of yellow, like mustard, are such perfect colours for Indian homes. They’re so warm, welcoming, uplifting and beautiful that there should be a law to incorporate the colour.

(PS, even the Asian Paints ColourNext Colour of the Year 2018 Passion Flower was an amber with undertones of gold and brown.)

How to embrace mustard yellow in Indian homes

One of the best places to begin is a wall in your kitchen, living room or bedroom and painting it mustard. If you’re not willing to commit an entire wall, incorporate furniture like sofas and chairs, furnishings like rugs and curtains, or accents like vases and lamps in mustard.

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2. Textile Art

textile art pinterest trend 2019
Image: Courtesy Elle Decor

According to Pinterest, people are going in for an artsy aesthetic by covering their walls with fabric. This is good news for us Indians–not only is our country rich in textiles but our homes have been too. We can take to textile art on the walls just like a fish takes to water!

How to embrace textile art in Indian homes:

For starters, look into the deep corners of your cupboards or open up your old boxes to dig out that Kantha bedcover, a colourful but old dhurrie, or even old but textured cushions covers. Depending on the design and quantity, get these framed for your walls. You could also repair and use a large fabric like a Kantha, phulkari or one with mirror-work and hang it on your wall as is.

Take, for example, this beautiful fabric with Kashmiri embroidery work on it.

Or else, you can always buy ready-made items from chic decor brands online.

textile art pinterest trend 2019
Get this embroidered wall art at Zufolo Designs

3. Geometric Paint

geometric paint pinterest trend 2019
Image: Courtesy Pinterest

If you were thinking of getting your years-old walls repainted or were planning on getting an accent wall for your living room, hold that thought! Because colourful geometric shapes and patterns have piqued everyone’s decor interests and are brightening up walls across the world.

How to embrace geometric paint in Indian homes

geometric paint pinterest trend 2019
Images: Courtesy Pinterest

Pick light colours and pastels, finalise your design, and hire a painter to execute it. Websites like Amazon and Pepperfry have wall stencils as well if you plan to go all DIY on this trend!

4. Tin Interiors

tin interiors pinterest trend 2019
Images: Courtesy Pinterest

Okay, so while the searches for this trend, according to Pinterest, have gone up a whopping 563%, it’s obvious that the numbers don’t include those from India. What is the trend? It’s basically everything from tin backsplashes and wallpapers to tin accents and tiles.

How to embrace tin interiors in Indian homes

Well, we did some major digging and unearthed products and sources for you. For example, these tin kitchen backsplash tiles that come in sets of 14 from Amazon are great to give your kitchen a makeover.

You could also speak to contractors or carpenters who can incorporate pressed tin onto your dining table tops, inside bookshelves or on the outside of your consoles — for a style statement. Here are some examples:

tin interiors pinterest trend 2019
Vintage-looking pressed tin installed on a console.
tin interiors pinterest trend 2019
Pressed tin with vintage design incorporated outside and inside free-standing shelves respectively.

5. Cactus Arrangements

cactus arrangements pinterest trend 2019

Cannot keep your plants alive? Luckily for you, succulents like cacti are totally trending (again!) in 2019. They add aesthetic and artistic value to your interiors, without taking too much of your effort or time in staying alive.

How to embrace cactus arrangements in Indian homes

cactus arrangements pinterest trend 2019
Image: Courtesy Domino

Visit your local nursery and go succulent shopping. Pick up an assorted mix (tall, short, shrubby etc.) for a corner in your living room, or place them in different areas of your home (on the dining table, coffee table, wall shelf etc.).

6. Painted Floor Tiles

painted floor tiles pinterest home decor trends 2019
Image: Courtesy Cutting Edge Stencils

According to Pinterest, more and more people outside India (a whopping 1276%) are simply painting their floor tiles in order to get rid of their ugliness. Well, we love anything patterned and colourful. And considering that painted floor tiles can change the look of your space completely — and for the better — we’re all in for this one!

How to embrace painted floor tiles in Indian homes

If you’re all for DIY and painting the floor tiles yourself, look at stencils online, like this one from Amazon. You could even source the stencils yourself but hire a painter to work with them.

painted floor tiles pinterest home trends 2019
Before and After Images: Courtesy Cutting Edge Stencils

Also, a good place to start is the bathroom or the kitchen, which (as far as Indian homes are concerned) usually need an uplift. Plus, the area to be covered is much smaller!

7. Bold Print Wallpaper

Remember how tropical and bold-patterned wallpapers were a big deal in 2018? Well, they still are! So think floral, geometric, tropical, stripes and checks, and other flamboyant prints and patterns.

How to embrace bold print wallpapers in Indian homes

Apart from accent walls in any of your rooms, the entryway, kitchen and bathroom are great areas for a bold wallpaper.

Image: Courtesy Wallpaper Direct

Second, irrespective of where you install your wallpaper, try to tone down the look with lighter-coloured furniture, mirrors, windows or furnishings in solid colours.

Image: Courtesy Etsy

For a plethora of amazing new prints, look at Pepperfry, DDecor, Amazon and Wallskin. IndiaCircus and Good Earth too have one-of-a-kind prints but give them a shot if you have the budget.

8. Vertical Gardens

As more and more of us are channeling our inner plant lady (or man), it only makes sense to take the route upwards and bring these green walls into our lives! This trend is especially great for those living in apartments or those with less horizontal space in their homes.

Bonus: These are great mediums to fight air pollution.

How to embrace vertical gardens in Indian homes

Depending on your budget, style and skill levels, you can either get experts like Green My Life, Gaia Green and Ankur Nursery to install a vertical garden in your home.

Or you can hang potted plants on the wall in your balcony, use trellises to display your greens, or even buy wall hanging pockets like this to nurture your vertical garden.

9. Natural Swimming Pools

natural swimming pools pinterest home decor trends 2019

What are these? These are basically chlorine-free, natural alternatives to the chemical-laden swimming pools that we’ve grown up using (and still use). As strange as it sounds, the search for these on Pinterest is up by 262%.

How to embrace natural swimming pools in Indian homes

Honestly, all you can do is gawk at the endless photos that Pinterest throws up of these pools. Because not only are Indian homes far, far away from adopting this trend (thanks to space, budget, practicality, etc.), we’ll be happy and blessed to just have regular pools, if at all.

natural swimming pools pinterest home decor trends 2019

But if you are absolutely keen, we found Blue Iris Pools who build natural swimming pools for farmhouses or villas.

10. Contemporary Fireplace

Just like natural swimming pools, this trend is meant more for the high-rollers among us. But what’s stopping us from gawking, right? Sleek and modern fireplaces are literally heating up Pinterest search trends as more and more people look at turning their homes into cosy yet stylish spaces.

How to embrace contemporary fireplace in Indian homes

Unless you have a home in the hills or a lavish resort or villa, it’s best to just browse through endless pictures of different kinds of modern fireplaces on Pinterest.

Which decor trends do you want to add to your home this year?

Leave a comment below!

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