9 Asian Paints Wallpaper Designs For a Stunning Feature Wall

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Want to use wallpaper instead of paint to jazz up a portion of your home? In this post, we share some stunning Asian Paints wallpaper designs that can give your home that wow factor.

It’s time to change our impressions of wallpapers being just dainty floral prints. And so, we’ve picked our favourite designs from the Asian Paints catalogue, so that you can effortlessly create mesmerising spaces in your home.

Each print and style has a story to tell, a story that could capture the spirit of your home.

So, here are 10 striking Asian Paint wallpaper designs to decorate your home with.

1. La Vie

asian paints wallpaper
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

It’s the eclectic mix of geometric and floral design that makes this wallpaper captivating. From Nilaya’s The La Vie Collection, this wallpaper is one of the most affordable collections from Asian Paints treasury of designs.

Great design AND price point — what’s not to love?

Decorate your foyer, living room, kitchen or guest bedroom with this print. Pair it with an ivory wall paint colour or an accent wall in a dark tone such as maroon, cobalt blue, ochre or teal for added effect.

Price: Rs. 3,700 per roll

2. Mithun

nilaya wallpaper
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

When walls tell a story!

Mithun, which happens to be Asian Paints Wallpaper of the Year 2019, was designed by Delhi-based tattoo artist Moranngam Khaling (popularly known as Mo Naga).

He captures the beauty and essence of his hometown Nagaland by reinterpreting the popular bovine symbol adorning local homes as a sign of prosperity.

It’s vibrant shade as well as calming pattern is perfect for master bedrooms. You could even style your living or dining area with it.

Price: Rs. 14,000

3. Brick Town

asian paints wallpaper design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Get the exposed stone wall effect for an attractive, urban appeal in your home. The stone effect — unlike red brick —  of the Brick Town wallpaper reminds you of the cobbled stone structures in Europe and their rustic charm.

Modern living rooms with minimalist furniture will look even better with the raw, textured appearance of this wallpaper (available on Pepperfry). Add indoor plants and sleek lamps to finish the look.

Code: Available on Pepperfry

Price: Rs. 5,999

4. Ocean Enchanted

asian paints nilaya
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Create a mystical space in your home with the Ocean Enchanted wallpaper.

Whether in your reading nook, a bedroom or a lovely corner of the living room, the cheerful colours and delicate floating sea creatures print will truly create an enchanted experience.

You can accessorise the wall with figurines, frames and wooden furniture or let the wallpaper stay as a stand alone feature.

Price: Rs. 10,500

5. Sheesha

sabyasachi wallpaper asian paints
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Thanks to Asian Paints, you can proudly say that Sabyasachi draped your walls!

With Sheeshathe famed fashion designer has given us a classic Indian motif in an enigmatic style, almost like an abstract puzzle of cut glass with alluring bronze detail.

You want to make this striking wallpaper a focal point in your room. Don’t crowd the space with furniture. A lovely console table or a sleek sofa with few decor items around will be more than enough.

Price: Rs. 12,000

6. Happy Hearts

asian paints wallpaper onilne
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

If innocence and glee could be captured in a wallpaper this would be it. Happy Hearts, as the name assures us, fills the room with its soft glow and shimmering hearts motif.

Highlight walls in the kids room or use the wallpaper (available on Pepperfry) to offset work area or a craft space in your home.

Price: Rs. 4,999

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7. Watercolor Check

check wallpaper
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

There’s more to wallpapers than classic floral designs and you shouldn’t be afraid  to experiment. This watercolor rendering of buffalo check is just the bold print to try in your home.

If you have an open kitchen with a dining space and plenty of natural light, Watercolor Check will make a stunning wall for this space. Make sure to contrast it with bright furniture and accessories.

Price: Rs. 6,700

8. Spotted Wallpaper

asian paints nilaya wallpaper
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Retro is never going out of style — even better, it’s being reinvented every year!

With the Spotted Wallpaper, you can enjoy the burst of colours in your room in the classic polka dot fashion. There will never be a dull moment in this space.

From living room to kids bedroom, let this wallpaper (available on Pepperfry) work it’s charm alongside contemporary modular furniture and minimal accessories.

Price: Rs. 4,999

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9. Framework

trellis design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Art Deco-inspired wallpapers blend so well with Indian furnishings and decor. If your home is full of ornate accessories, antique furniture and Indian paintings, then Framework is the wallpaper for your space.

You can never go wrong with the inviting, energetic vibe of bright red wallpapers.

Price: Rs. 5,950

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