Which Asian Paints Wall Design Will You Pick This Festive Season?

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Festive decorating already on your mind? Choose from our selection of Asian Paints wall design ideas — including stencils and textures — for a quick and easy way to give your home a makeover before a special occasion.

asian paints wall design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

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Try any of these 10 ideas based on what suits your home and personality!

1. Winged Accent

asian paint stencil design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Your reading nook will love this Asian Paints stencil art, resembling the Tree of Life motif. It’s the indoor version of sitting under a tree and enjoying your favourite poetry or literature.

Design Tip: Play with the colours as per your wish and paint it near a bookcase, armchair or window.

2. Bricks

asian paints texture
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Brick walls are all the rage now, but did you know that you don’t need to buy expensive panels or low quality wallpaper for it? Try the Asian Paints texture — Bricks — instead.

Easy to maintain and more durable, you will get the warmth of brick and convenience of wall paint all in one.

3. Yellow Scoop

royale play design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

If grandeur is what you’re after, then the Yellow Scoop texture’s shimmering quality is perfect for you. Whether you are painting the walls for an upcoming wedding or an important festival, this wall will be the perfect backdrop to shoot your family pictures.

Picture this Asian Paints wall design in the living room or dining area. Wouldn’t it look gorgeous?

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4. Light Ochre

royale play texture
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Vertical panel designs make your room appear taller, providing an extended sense of volume to the space. With this Asian Paints’ Light Ochre texture, you also get a one-of-its-kind accent wall for your room!

Design Tip: Paint it behind a sofa or behind the bed, place a lamp or two around it, and you have one cozy space to enjoy!

5. Safari

royale play wall fashion stencils
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

This is one of the most trending motifs right now, seen everywhere in fashion, art as well as design circles! Its ethnic-inspired style is a simple way to decorate your walls and add a touch of Indianness to your space.

Design Tip: Create a fusion wall with the Safari stencil and style your home with ethnic cushions and carpet. You can blend it with modular furniture and drapes.

6. Canvas

asian paints wall texture
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

A mesmerising Asian Paints texture, Canvas feels like you are either in the midst of a lush rain forest or living in an enchanted world full of wonder and beauty.

Sipping your morning tea or coffee in this ambience would be a real treat!

Does your space lack greenery? Paint this texture as a substitute.

7. Rich Tapestry

asian paint royale play design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Get the Victorian vibe in your bedroom with the Rich Tapestry painted wall design. It’s a modern take on a classic wallpaper with colour shades that result in a soothing atmosphere.

Complete the look by painting the rest of the walls either with the turquoise base coat Peace Park or the neutral top coat Cotton Wool.

8. Polka Dots

royale play wall design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Call it digital fixation or retro mania, Polka Dots is a design for all times — it will never go out of style! Painted with perfection, this wall art by Asian Paints creates an instant wow factor in the room.

We see this design not only in kids’ and teens’ room but also as the perfect wall for modern, edgy living rooms that love to question the status quo.

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9. Minarets

royale play texture design
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Love art and history, especially heritage architecture? Let your walls speak of your passion with the Minarets wall design that is inspired by Mughal Architecture.

Perfect for all rooms, even bathrooms (except maybe the kitchen), this versatile pattern can be a gentle background for both classic or modern furniture.

So, which wall design are you getting this festive season?

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