10 Asian Paints Colours for Bedrooms You Will Love Too!

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Looking for Asian Paints colours for bedrooms? Here’s our colour guide for every personality and mood. From vibrant hues to understated pastels, each combination will glamorise the bedroom.

asian paints colours for bedrooms

Find the Asian Paints colours for bedrooms that speak to you from these 10 inspiring combinations.

1. Cape Royal 8341 and Rocky Terrain 9478

asian paints colour combination for bedroom
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Feeling bold and experimental? This is THE Asian Paints colour combination to try for your bedroom!

Rich emerald green, when merged with brooding grey, creates a dreamy bedroom ambience.

How to use them: Pair these lush colours with metallic furniture, mirrors, shimmering linens and statement lights.

Suited for: Master bedrooms.

Did you know? Darker interiors can help treat insomnia.

2. Classic Blue 9190 and Fresh Mint 7516

asian paints colour shades for bedroom
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Bring the magic of the crystal-clear ocean by painting your bedroom in these serene hues.

Pastel blues remind you to relax and slow down, and we do need this reminder time and again.

How to use them: Complete the tranquil appearance with sheer white drapes and white furniture.

If you wish to add bright, warm colours to the room, make sure these are in small doses. For instance, using vases, books or art pieces.

Suited for: Master, kids’ and guest bedrooms.

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3. Vintage Walnut 8773 and Moonlight L121

asian paints for bedroom
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Back to the roots! Doesn’t the earthy Vintage Walnut shade and the soft Moonlight glow remind us of our ancestral homes and its natural charm?

How to use them: Wooden furniture, bronze details and a hint of gold in the cushion covers will elevate the room’s character further.

This Asian Paints room colour combination will work best with bedrooms that have big French windows and plenty of natural light.

Suited for: Master and parents’ bedroom.

4. Waikiki 7342 and Majestic Mountain 7688

asian paints colour selection for rooms
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Who doesn’t love a good contrast? Yes, it can be a tricky game. But this combination of blue and green is an absolute game changer.

We think it’s the perfect look for a teen’s bedroom and will make the space appear energetic and cheerful.

How to use them: Stick to two shades or a maximum of three when playing with bold colours. Keep the rest of the room in neutral and natural tones.

Suited for: All bedrooms.

5. Cider Red X116 and Natural Linen L132

royale play designs for bedroom
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

A sure shot way to rejuvenate the bedroom is by using deep reds. Your space will be bursting with energy and it will be a delight to relax with your favourite book or favourite piece of music in this room.

And if you are bored of modern decor, you can go the ethnic route with this selection and fill the bedroom with old school furniture and decor.

How to use them: Don’t be afraid to layer the red with more reds. Red curtains in sheer and bed linens look simply stunning with the wall paint.

Suited for: Master, parents’, guest or child’s bedroom.

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6. Dark Sunset 9552 and Palace Lights-N 0N17

asian paint room colour
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Pink done right! If you are worried, how much pink is too much pink, we have you sorted. With this combination, you bedroom will appear more soulful than garish.

Let the daylight stream in and give these colours an added glow.

How to use them: Go for solid wood furniture, white contemporary options or even bronze-finish metal beds; you can play with different styles in this room.

Suited for: Kids’, teens’, young adults’ and parents’ bedroom.

7. Prairie Island 8631 and Beach Shack 8603

asian paints room colour combination
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Peach on your mind? While pink has a certain softness to it, this peach combination is more bold and gender neutral. It will brighten up the room irrespective of the quality of daylight in the room.

How to use them: Make the ambience robust with furniture in dark tones of grey or wood.

For a relaxed vibe, keep the accessories in pastel or white and avoid dark, primary colours.

Suited for: Master, parents’ and guest bedrooms.

8. Plantation 9285 and Faded Salmon-N 9967

bedroom colour ideas asian paints
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

From Asian Paints Enchanted selection, this colour combination brings the beauty of nature inside the bedroom. It’s so full of life and spunk, your bedroom will have an unmatched personality of its own.

How to use them: Floral and nature-inspired furnishings blend perfectly with this decor.

Suited for: Master bedrooms.

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9. Violet Light I9112 and Sea Ridge 7370

asian paints shade card for bedroom
Image: Courtesy Asian Paints

Play with contrast in your favourite purple hues. For those who love to embrace colours, this Asian Paint room colour combination will let you experiment with a wide selection of shades in decor and furnishings too.

How to use them: It’s the perfect set-up for a mix-and-match style and modern bedroom furniture.

Suited for: All bedrooms.

10. Sporty Yellow X104 and Sonnet L146

Does your room lack natural light? With this bright combination, your bedroom won’t appear dull anymore. It will be your own little pocket of sunshine.

How to use them: If you don’t want the yellow to overpower the decor, use it to highlight pillars, beams or a niche portion of the wall.

Suited for: All bedrooms.

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