Becoming a beacon of hope for her family: Ritu's inspiring tale

Becoming a beacon of hope for her family


Meet Ritu, a loving wife, a caring mother, and a dedicated Urban Company Spa for Women Service Partner from Gurugram, Haryana. 

Today, Ritu is among the top 25 of the 500 partners who received Urban Company’s shares as part of the industry-first INR 150 Cr. Partner Stock Option Plan (PSOP).

Cruising through the Pandemic

Ritu had never known life outside of her home. Her husband earned enough for the family, while Ritu managed their household. 

However, as the pandemic arrived and Ritu’s husband’s business shut down like the lakhs of other businesses in the country, her family was thrown into a deep financial crisis, and that’s when Ritu decided to take the reins.

“Our expenses remained the same; however, the only source of income had completely disappeared”, says Ritu. 

Ritu heard about Urban Company from a friend and decided to join as a Service Partner on the gig platform.

Ritu and her husbandRitu, along with her husband, who helps her reach her customer’s place on time

Upward social mobility for Ritu and her family

It has been a little less than two years since Ritu joined Urban Company in the Spa for Women category. 

Urban Company’s superior training and skilling module helped her refine her skills as a masseuse, and is the reason for her loyal customer base and her positive ratings. She speaks of her trainer fondly, whom she frequently contacts to this day when she has a query. 

Joining Urban Company did not just ensure food on the table for Ritu and her family during the pandemic. Modes of financial inclusion like improved earnings, access to credit, life and health insurance policies, free vaccination, and safety features on the app have enabled Ritu to step out of her home, feel comfortable as she works her way up the social ladder, make a name for herself in society, and dream bigger. 

In just a brief period of 1 year and 8 months, Ritu’s sheer hard work made her one of the top 25 partners in the country.

Ritu receiving her PSOP award from Urban Company's CEO and Co-founder, Abhiraj Singh BhalRitu receiving her PSOP award from Urban Company’s CEO and Co-founder, Abhiraj Singh Bhal, at Urban Company’s Gurugram office

“When I got to know that I was one of the top 25 partners in the country to be awarded company shares, my family and I felt elated and overwhelmed. My family is very proud of me and the hard work I put in to reach this level”, shares Ritu.

Ritu saves almost a lakh rupees every month, and is able to fund her children’s education while encouraging them to participate in extracurriculars. She is setting an example for them through the fruits of her hard work.

Today, she is on her way to owning a flat of her own in Gurugram!