Different Wallpaper Designs for living Room

Adding wallpaper to your living room walls is a great design decision. But keep these tips in mind before you select a wallpaper design for your living room Wallpapers ...

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Adding wallpaper to your living room walls is a great design decision. But keep these tips in mind before you select a wallpaper design for your living room

Wallpapers can instantly up your home’s style quotient with their lovely patterns and colour schemes. Even if your room is sparsely decorated, the addition of a wallpaper can liven up the space.

Living room, a space typically reserved for hosting guests, spending quality time with your family members and lounging in general, often tells your home’s design story. Wrapping its walls in a beautiful wallpaper is a sure-fire way to make the space more appealing without having to worry about smudges and stains.

But before you make your living room wallpaper design selection, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Identify the preferred wallpaper design for your living room

Your wallpaper design for the living room is bound to play an integral part in the overall decor of the room, so selecting it after careful consideration is important.

Remember, this is a common space for all family members. So, pick a wallpaper design that pleases everyone’s tastes.

For instance, vertical stripes can be a great addition to give a contemporary feel to the interiors of the living room.

To bring the outdoors in, opt for a floral or botanical design wallpaper. If your interior style veers towards traditional or India Modern, pick a wallpaper with paisley motifs.

Chevron or geometric patterns and brick wall design are other safe options to consider for your wallpaper style in the living room.

Pick the right colour for the wallpaper

Once you’ve finalised the pattern, it is important to select the right colour wallpaper that enhances your living room. For this, it is vital to consider the colour scheme of the furniture and flooring, as well as how spacious or small the room size is.

A tiny living room with a colourful and bold-patterned wallpaper and dark furniture or flooring is likely to make the space look smaller and cramped. One of the best wallpaper designs for living rooms that are small is one that has neutral hues such as beige, grey, ivory and cream.

You can also opt for pastel shades that add colour to the walls without restricting the light. Think powder blue, dusty pink, sage green or lemon yellow. If space isn’t a constraint, you can either pick a contrasting hue that adds a layered look to the overall living room decor, or a similar one that matches the furniture and flooring, and creates a seamless visual design story.

Choose a wallpaper type

Another important aspect to decide when picking a wallpaper design for your living room, is the type you want to opt for. This will help determine its cost, maintenance and feel, letting you make an informed decision based on your budget and preference.

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most common types as it is durable and also water-resistant, making it easy to clean and long-lasting. If you want a textured look, opting for a fabric wallpaper is a good idea. You can pick any wallpaper design for your living room from different available fabrics including linen, cotton and synthetic ones. Want a more opulent and glam option? Consider a metallic wallpaper that is reflective and less common given its price.

Select different wallpaper designs for the living room

Who says you need to wrap all your living room walls in the same design? The best wallpaper design for your living room could well be something that makes it possible for you to mix it up and style the space in a more distinct manner, creating visual nooks that showcase different parts of your living room.

 For instance, a reading nook with a lone wingback chair in the corner can be highlighted with a different wallpaper than the rest of the walls.

Or, your living and dining areas can be separated through distinct wallpaper designs.

A play of colour with neutrals and bold and muted patterns will help you achieve the desired look without the walls looking too busy.

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Highlight the accent wall in the living room with wallpaper

One more way to incorporate wallpaper in your living room without it being too overbearing is by adding it to just one wall, making it the highlight of the room’s decor.

In order to do so, first decide the accent wall you want to cover with wallpaper — it can be the one behind the couch, the largest wall of the living room, behind the TV unit or a wall against the dining section in an open plan layout.

Keeping the rest of the walls neutral, add a dramatic touch to the accent wall by selecting a wallpaper design that is bold, contrasting and stands out. Think of this wallpaper design for your living room as art on display that covers the entire wall.

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Customise your living room wallpaper design

Want your living room wallpaper design to be unique and personal?

You can opt for a customised one that is not from the catalogue, but created keeping the patterns and colours you prefer.

While your interior designer can help create such a motif for your walls, some wallpaper brands also offer this option, giving you the freedom to add a personalised touch to your space.

While this option can be more expensive given its uniqueness, it can certainly elevate your living room’s style and make it a space you can truly call your own.

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Customising Wallpaper for living room - Urban Company

Keeping these handy pointers in mind while selecting wallpaper design for your living room can make your walls look elegant and add more charm to the room’s interiors.

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