The Best Flooring Materials for Humid Regions in India

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Good flooring is crucial to the look of any space and forms the base of the design and strength of the space. Flooring needs to look beautiful and at the same time serve its purpose. Flooring requirements differ depending on the kind of space i.e. hotel, hospital, cafe, living room, bathroom and so on. It is important to take the climatic conditions of the region into consideration to make sure that the flooring is suitable and will last long in those conditions. Here are 5 of the most suitable flooring materials for the humid Indian regions like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and so on:

brick flooring, interiors, interior design
Brick Flooring

1. Brick

Bricks are a great option for an artistic and earthy look. Bricks can be laid in different patterns depending on the kind of look that you want. Prices vary depending on the quality and colour of the bricks. Bricks are natural, strong, durable, fireproof and capable of absorbing humidity. However, bricks can be heavy and require a lot of effort to be laid. This kind of flooring is more suitable for ground floor homes or spaces. Bricks are naturally porous and water spills can cause mildew over time.


granite flooring, interior design, interior design ideas
Granite Flooring

2. Granite

Granite flooring is very popular and one of the most widely used materials for flooring in India. Granite is affordable but the higher end variety can be expensive. Since it is a natural stone, it comes in natural patters and colours and looks great. It is usually more colourful than marbles. Granite comes in beautiful colours like grey, pink and white. Its long lasting nature makes it a popular choice. The cons are that it can get stained by chemicals, it gets cold in cold weather and is also slippery.

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slate flooring, interior design, interior design ideas
Slate Flooring

3. Slate

Slate is one of the most modern and natural looking stones. It adds an artistic edge to the interiors and goes well with both muted tones and bright colours. Like other natural stones, slate can also get damaged in similar ways, but it is relatively easier to repair and replace slate. The pricing of slate is on the higher end but the stylish edge that it will give your space is worth the extra penny. Slate requires grouting and grouting lines can fade away and become discoloured over time. One has to be mindful of pores in the stone and you may require a base to clog the pores.

vinyl flooring, interior design, interior designer
Vinyl Flooring

4. Vinyl:

Vinyl is a great material, which although synthetic, is the best alternative to expensive and high maintenance demanding hardwood. It is the best alternative to wooden flooring, especially in humid regions as it has strong resistance to moisture and water as well as scratches. The material is suitable for all budgets and has great durability. It is a good option to use in the bathroom because of its natural appeal and water resistant quality. The main downfall of vinyl is that it may damage your base floor. It is advisable to go for the better quality vinyl which may be slightly more costly than regular vinyl but is better value for your money.

marble flooring, stones, interiors, interior design
Marble Flooring

5. Marble:

Marble is another popular stone throughout India. A marble floor immediately elevates the look of a space to a luxurious and expensive looking space. It comes in a large variety of patterns and colours. It helps keep the room temperature cool and its light reflective property makes it look super luxe, bright and shiny. Marble, owing to its properties is usually pricy. Like other stones, marble is also prone to yellow staining and cracks over time. It tends to be quite slippery and should be used keeping in mind the level of activity and the age group of people using the area.

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