10 Jali Door Design Ideas That Mix Safety & Style!

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We searched for some of the best, not-so-common grill doors for the uber chic Indian apartments. And here they are! We bet you will be inspired to give your home entrance a makeover soon with one of these jali door design ideas.

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on the best door designs for Indian homes.)

Get inspired by these 10 jali door design ideas and give your home entrance a makeover.

1. A Fine Mix of Wood & Metal

main door grill design
Interior Design by ArchAid

Who said grill doors need to be industrial-looking and all-metal?

The fine balance of metal and wood with an artistic pattern is a pleasant sight for main doors.

Hexagons are a design favorite at the moment and the perfect inspiration for grill doors.

2. Simple & Straightforward

front door grill designs
Interior Design by Rawat Design Studio

On a tight budget? Instead of going in for complicated designs, a no-frills design like this gets the job done — and still looks elegant for an entryway.

You can play with laminate textures and colors for a more personalized ambience. Even the grill can be finished in a color other than black — think bronze or chrome finish. 

3. Regal Jali Door Design

jali door design
Image: Courtesy Future Houz

How about something more ornamental and palatial?

Here’s a design that gives you the regal villa vibe with that beautiful antique finish and the lovely creeper-style grill pattern.

Inspired by this pattern, you can fashion a single door too, minus the glass, for an apartment door. For a single door, the arched pattern can be enclosed within the rectangular framework. 

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4. Elegant & Neat Design

sleek door design with jali
Interior Design by Shalini Pereira Design Studio

Not only is this design gracefully simple, but when combined with the plain main door, you get an interestingly patterned front entrance.

The simple frame will reduce your material usage and the basic grill pattern will cost less compared to curved designs. Once again, a bronze or dull gold finish on the metal will be visually more appealing! 

5. A Work of Art

grill door for indian homes

We love how this grill door frames the interiors, it gives you enough sneak-peak of the lovely home but still ‘veils’ the space with its flowing pattern.

With very few design elements on the door, it is easy to fabricate and assemble. If you are looking for a no-fuss design that is still pretty, this is clearly a good contender!

6. Nature-Inspired

nature inspired grill door

Love nature? Style your entrance with this garden-themed grill door. It adds a softness to the metal work and looks natural and inviting.

Place some planters and creepers alongside the door to build on the nature theme.

7. Symbolic Jali Door Design

sun design

The sun motif has been a go-to design for grill doors. And for Indians, the symbolism is rich and fitting for the home entrance.

Go for a completely metal door with this motif or insert this grill within a wooden door — the grill size can vary depending on the level of privacy you seek. 

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8. Contemporary & Chic

jali door design

Chevron is an amazing decor pattern — used mostly in drapes, carpets and other furnishings. But to see it in a grill pattern is just as spectacular!

Unlike other designs, this pattern has a contemporary vibe that is ideal for apartments going for a minimalist look. 

9. Starry Entrance

jali wala door designs

How about this starry entrance! Look closely and you will notice how the six-sided star pattern forms a perfect veil between the exterior and the main door. While it is definitely on the higher end when it comes to budget, this design is just perfect for apartment doors. 

10. Bold & Funky

main door grill designs for flats
Interior Design by Layers Studios for Design & Architecture

Yes, safety first, but you don’t have to ignore beauty or style! Just like this bold and beautiful piece.

It’s quirky, it’s fun and it definitely makes a great impression and is a conversation starter. Painted a bold red, it also has the apartment number fused in in metal. What do you think?

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