Make Twice the Impression With These Front Double Door Designs

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When you renovate your house, don’t forget the humble entrance door. Make your entryway stand out with panache with these double door designs that are versatile and unique. 

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on the best door designs for Indian homes.)

Here are some double door designs for inspiration.

1. Panelled Double Door Design

double door design in wood

Modern meets traditional in this beautifully panelled double door design. If you can’t decide between new minimalist designs and the beauty of old carved doors, this design gives you the best of both worlds.

The pattern has an interesting geometric feel and, at the same time, the softness of a floral design. Even the monochrome hues maintain the simplicity of the design while providing subtle contrast.

2. Modern Double Door Design

front double door designs indian houses

Wood and glass are two materials that contrast wonderfully and result in a brilliant door design. In this door pattern, you get to enjoy the outside view as well as create a stellar design element within the interior space. 

Don’t worry about the glass. Today, manufacturers offer top quality toughened glass that provide an exceptional clear surface without compromising on security. You can even replace some of the slots with decorative carvings, painted or frosted glass. 

3. Artistic Double Door Design

front double door designs

There are new and exciting ways to re-imagine traditional motifs in door design and this door is a perfect example.

Wood with metal-finish inlay work has a charm unlike any other, especially when it’s the classic gold or bronze finish. 

By adding meaningful symbols like lotus, bells and circular patterns that have rich meaning as per ancient Indian art, doors can capture a home’s artistic sense as well as beliefs.

Yes, your front doors can become a window to your soul!

4. Vintage Double Door Designs

double door designs for main door
Image: Courtesy Future Houz

Another vintage-inspired design, this front door has a silver-finish mirror work panel as its focal element. The panel can be customised with different patterns and motifs — from religious figures and floral designs to abstract artwork. 

Match this door design with marble exterior walls and floors in cream or white. It will result in a regal ambience at the entrance of your home.

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5. Arched Double Door Design

double door designs for houses
Image: Courtesy Future Houz

Bring a hint of Spain to your Indian home with this door that combines wood, metal work and glass in one stunning design. It brings a palatial vibe to the entrance with its grand yet simple framework.

Arched entrance doors also make your home exterior appear elegant. Add some metal door lamps on either side and you have the perfect classic European ambience for your entryway. 

6. Simple Yet Classy Design

front door in wood
Image: Courtesy Future Houz

You can make a bold statement with the most simplest of design — all you need is a  high-quality finish door and one stunning design element.

A patterned glass cut design over a richly toned wood is an easy way to achieve it.

Go for matching wooden handles that will easily blend with the door, ensuring the glass design shines through without distraction.

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7. Aesthetic Yet Functional Design

main door design

For contemporary, newly designed homes, this linear yet curvy design is an excellent choice. The larger-than-life door handle becomes both a functional as well as an aesthetic part of the design. 

When a design is this simple, the trick is to focus on the beauty of the wooden patterns and grains. Choose designs that have a rich texture and veins with beautiful contrast in the colour.

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