Best Exterior House Colors That Pair Fabulously With White

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Confused between wanting to play it safe with white and going bolder with colour? In this post, we show you options for exterior house colors that combine well with white and also help you step out of our comfort zone.

White is a colour that will never go out of style. No wonder then that we love it for our homes here in India.

But what if we tell you that you can keep the white and yet give your house a much-needed upgrade?

Yes, in this post, we help you choose exterior paint colours that look great with white, perk up your home, and yet suit Indian sensibilities.

Here they are!

1. Just White

exterior wall paint colours
Image: Courtesy UrbanClap Professional Namrata Jain

Let’s start with white itself. Not only is it a safe colour, but it also leaves a good first impression. Plus, whatever the style of your home, white will definitely work on it.

But you need to remember that white too has various shades and tones, and it’s important that you don’t settle for a stark white. Depending on your preference, go for cooler or warmer tones.

The best part about working with white is that the details on your house stand out against it — just like the name of the house and the window frames do in the above picture.

2. White + Cream

exterior colour

Change things just a little? Move a little away from a plain white look?

Bring in some off-white or cream!

Depending on the light falling on it, your house will take on a clean look in the daylight, and when the evening light sets in, it will look warm and inviting.

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3. White + Sand Brown + Maroon

exterior paint colors
Image: Courtesy Shalini Pereira Design Studio

This is an elegant combination and one that will help your home blend in with its surroundings. While white works as the major player here, the sand brown is the highlight (especially with that lovely wood-like texture), while the maroon is infused in subtle doses around the window.

4. White + Dark Brown

best exterior house paint colors
Image: Courtesy Sunil Patil Associates

As you may have seen, it’s a great idea to go in for a white/off-white/cream coloured house in India, and then use a secondary colour to highlight a larger architectural detail.

In this house too, the protruding portion of the house — which is anyway a design detail — has been further highlighted with a dark brown shade of exterior paint. It gives the house character and a modern appearance.

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5. White + Warm Shades of Yellow

exterior home colors
Image: Courtesy Dnyanesh Madgavkar

This is a happy combination of colours and a mutually beneficial one. White provides shades like mustard, amber or ochre the canvas to pop and to enjoy their spotlight, while the yellows give white a much-needed uplift.

In an Indian set-up, they come together beautifully to give the house a warm and welcoming vibe.

6. White + Blue

exterior house paint colors
Image: Courtesy Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

As lovely as warm shades look with white, so do cool colours like blue.

Blue is a versatile colour and you can choose from its cooler shades like sea blue, cyan and aqua or go deeper like the ones with grey or brown undertones.

Either way, experiment with the combination by using the blue on the highlights — the frames, the edges, the pelmets, the doors. This will your home oodles of personality.

So, these are ways for you to bring in a splash of colour to the exteriors of your home and yet keep it elegant with white playing the major role.

Got any colour combinations that you like? Let us know!

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