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Beauty lies in the eyes of a dreamer. Sometimes the most insipid things in life, become exquisite if you look with an open mind.  Why do most of us need the coveted window seat while travelling? Is it to marvel at the fleeting events that we get to see or is it to enjoy the moment when the cool breeze relieves us from the blazing sun?  You may not have given it a thought, but we give enough reasons for you to think of one of the most fundamental things in our life in a different ‘light’.



Lights are an essential part of our being. No wonder we have a festival of lights celebrating the essence of it in all its glory. This Diwali must have been usual. The aromatic candles, the flickering lights in your balcony and the mud diyas, are some obvious choices of lighting that have been used every Diwali. But the dreamer in us decided to portray sources of light that are a ubiquitous fragment of our day to day life, as pieces of art. So that you see why the insipid, isn’t really that.


We hope you are asking the question “how will we see that?” by now, because this blog is all about the answers. The above photograph creates the illusionary question mark using a mobile phone light, with a technique known as light painting. Like any work of art, it is a technique that marries technical skill with imaginations of the artist. It is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph. This is done by illuminating the subject of photography or simply by shining a source of light on the camera.

We used the technique to draw beautiful portraits with the seemingly mundane & we also showcase spectacular works of art from the world over…



The traffic that is fundamentally discomforting paints quite a picture.  This particular picture seeks to capture light trails. The interplay of lights from the different vehicles creates a fantastic array of colors, perfect for a light trail.



The darkness of the night brings with it a sense of calm. Done with the help of a red lamp, the red outline around the white light, highlights the aura of a person who is at peace, as denoted by the white emissions.



Orbs are one of the most used subject for light painting because of the mystery associated to them. Orbs are created by spinning bright LED lights clockwise or anti-clockwise.



Another image captured by Urban Company, the photograph seeks to depict the light within since light is also associated to enlightenment. Light painting has been done by spinning rice lights.



The flaming guitar depicts the passion of the artist. A burning passion is all it takes to realize your dream, into reality.



What is love without humour? That was the thought behind this photograph, where the artist used a beach as a location to execute the shot.



Art is art if it provokes the mind of the viewer. This light art is on the same lines and resonates with what we intend to do with this blog post. We are hoping that you had your own interpretations of these pieces & we are hoping you will share them too.

  1. Must have seen these images before but never gave a thought to the technique used while capturing these..thank you introducing me to this conce

  2. Brilliantly articulated article. Thanks for reminding about the beauty around us which we ignore in our daily survival routine.

  3. I think in your next one.. Jus make it a lil more relatable ❤️ Had a lil hard time understanding the whole article.. Took me a couple of reads..!

    1. Sure Disha…appreciate the feedback. The idea was to just highlight how lights, that are a part of our everyday life, can create art. I am glad you enjoyed the art 🙂

  4. Beautiful shots ans beautifully drafted! ?. Would love to explore and read more of the techniques used for all the pictures and try them out myself..
    Best of luck.. Will watch the space for more !

  5. I loved how beautifully you’ve elaborated every picture there! The flaming guitar was my favourite. This post reminded me of Coldplay’s oft-quoted “Lights will guide you home”.
    Loved the post!

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