Kasa Kaai Pune?!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Pune”? Is it Symbiosis, perhaps? Or IT parks? Or is it the pensioners’ paradise, the cultural capital ...

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Pune”?

Is it Symbiosis, perhaps? Or IT parks? Or is it the pensioners’ paradise, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, home of the Film and Television Institute of India? Whatever it is, there’s no single association that can capture the essence of the city completely.

We faced the same problem when we first started thinking about Pune, a few months ago. We’d already begun our journey from Delhi, to reach Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai.  Now Pune was next in our line of sight, and we needed to understand the essence of the place so that we could bring the city to your service.

Of course, we’d heard about the finest characteristic of the city- the fine art of accommodation, as it were. And that’s why the question was not whether the city could accommodate us, but how we could follow its lead to accommodate the needs of the diverse population in the city. That’s why our team spent a good amount of time here, figuring out exactly what makes this city tick.

One of the first things to hit you about Pune- immediately after you make your way outside its quaint, but efficient airport- is the air. As they say, “wahaan ke hawa mein kuch alag hai.” There’s something about the air of the place that just has a way of giving you that peaceful, easy feeling.



Now, it could be due to large number of trees that line the streets of the city, or it could be that the  city’s long tradition of being accommodating has even seeped into the air- one thing’s for sure, the moment you embrace Pune, you find home.

Pune is a city that’s had many rulers, changed hands multiple times, from the Mughal Sultanate, the Maratha rulers, and the British- it’s constantly evolving, matching it’s rhythm to keep pace with the times. And yet, despite the changes in its landscape, the politics, the infrastructure and technology, there’s one thing that’s endured over the years- the ability to retain the warmth of a small town, while also making way for skyscrapers and IT parks.

Whether it’s the car driver dismissing the scratch on his vehicle with a “Theek hai. No problem” or cheerful shopkeeper who makes that extra effort to rummage through the shelves in search of your exact requirement, the people of the city are matchless in their ability to make friends instantly, without any insecurity whatsoever.

And that was something that struck us- the manner in which the city manages to retain its garrulous nature, enjoying the good things of life while naturally creating space for almost anything new. For instance, while Pune dwellers swear by High Spirits when they have something to celebrate, the city also boasts of being the home of the National Defence Academy at Khadak Vasla.

We love the fact that Pune’s landscape is both the Pataleshwar Cave Temples as well as the Hinjewadi IT park. That you can find both the FTII and ILS, just a stone’s throw away from each other. And, the same broad tree-lined streets also have tiny cafes, buzzing with college gossip, and a Barista that’s occupied with people tapping away on their laptops.



Now, at times, it can happen that too much diversity can become confusing. What do you pay attention to? Whose needs do you accommodate? And yet, we realized that Pune was a city that managed to blend a cosmopolitan outlook with its roots grounded in tradition. Which is why we were confident that by presenting good, old-fashioned services, with cutting edge technology and processes, we could offer an evolved experience of great service that Puneites would love.

So, whether you’re someone who’s just moved to Pune, or a longtime resident, we’re here to serve you. We’ll be there for you when you need a home cleaning done just before Ganesh Chaturthi, or when you’re looking for a tiffin service because the hostel food just doesn’t have that ghar ka swad. When you need to find the perfect wedding photographer for your traditional Marathi wedding, or find a fitness trainer who understands your needs to the ‘T’ of training, all you need to do is turn to us.

After all, how could Urban Company offer anything but the very best to a city that’s been so welcoming? Now, we often ask ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of serving Pune before?”

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