A Real Life Romance That’ll Make You Believe In Happily Ever After Again

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It’s a modern romance from start to finish- an accidental encounter was all it took for Aman to lose his heart and the rest, as they say, is history! As one of our very first customers celebrate a year of togetherness, let us tell you the enchanting tale of Mansi and Aman’s happily ever after.


It was a regular work day in 2009 when a copywriter and a project manager made eye contact in the office cafeteria. While Mansi went back to her lunch, giving no sign that she had even registered the good looking project manager smiling shyly at her. Aman, on the other hand, was completely smitten. But, how was he going to get her to see what he was feeling for her? And, even more importantly, what was her name?

Soon, Aman was making excuses to visit the writers’ desk but Mansi remained blissfully oblivious to him. Not having the courage to approach her directly, he went ahead and sent her a friend request on Facebook.

 From a tentative hello to long conversations, the two of them soon formed a close friendship.


As they grew closer, Aman was sure she was ‘The One’ but, Mansi was still unsure. He wooed, she kept him guessing. Finally, he persuaded her family and the couple were destined to be hooked for life. There was no looking back after that.

 Last year, when the couple were about to tie the knot, they came to us when they had an unexpected crisis.

“10 days before my wedding day our photographer backed out due to an unfortunate personal situation. My fiancée suggested Urban Company and we went ahead and booked Arpit. It turned out to be amazing. You should see some of these pictures to believe that he pulled it off with perfection.” -Aman


For the couple’s first anniversary, Arpit actually flew down to Bangalore, where they are now based, and surprised both of them!

Every fairytale ends with the happily ever after but, for Aman and Mansi, this is just the beginning of the story.


“Aman has taught me to fight against tough times with a smile on my face and believe in myself, like never before. The past year has only strengthened our bond even more and I know there are a lot more joyous times to come.” -Mansi


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