6 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Make-Up Artist

There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to getting you ready for your wedding, your bridal makeup artist (or MUA as they’re popularly known) is going ...

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There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to getting you ready for your wedding, your bridal makeup artist (or MUA as they’re popularly known) is going to be your best friend, guide and fairy godmother all rolled into one. Not only will he/she assist you in perfecting your look, they’re also going to be there to ensure that nothing- we repeat NOTHING- can ruin your look on your big day. Whether this means covering up that unexpected pimple on the wedding day or patiently assessing the style that’ll suit you best through multiple trial sessions, the perfect bridal makeup artist will leave no stone unturned to make sure that the warm glow of happiness you’re feeling is reflected in your bridal glow.

Now, of course, if you’re going to find the best makeup artist to suit your needs, you need to be sure that you’re asking them the right questions so that you both know what you can expect. That’s why we’ve got a list of super-useful questions that’ll help you select the best MUA for one of the biggest days in your life! Read on to know more…


Q1. What is his/her experience in creating bridal looks?

Make sure to find out your makeup artist’s experience in creating a bridal look. An experienced professional knows how to handle all types of brides, and their changing moods. An amateur on the other hand, will not be able to provide you with minute details to let your beauty shine through!

Q2. What weddings have they worked in before?

Ask the artist to provide you with list of references and talk to those brides to understand how their experience was. But also consider the personality of the makeup artist, as you don’t want unwarranted clashes with your makeup artist to spoil your bridal beauty!


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Q3. What are the charges?

Makeup artists might charge you for every event, or provide packages. In case of opting for a package, make sure to inquire about all the inclusions in it and whether taxes are included in it. Be frank about your wedding timings as well, because you might be charged an extra fee by the professional for staying late.

Q4. What products do they use?

Most makeup artists use products from established brands. Yet, if you are not fond of a particular product or are mildly allergic to it, your makeup artist can always offer a list of alternatives. You can also provide your own products to the makeup artist if you’re too conscious of hygiene standards.


Q5. Can you have a trial session?

Ask him/her if he is willing to provide a trial session. Most makeup artists will agree to it if you ask for one. This will also be a good opportunity for gauging the professionalism and talent of your makeup artist.

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Q6. What is their schedule like on your wedding date?

Since makeup artists are highly in demand when the wedding season starts, you might want to check the schedule of your potential makeup artist on your wedding day! After all, you don’t want your makeup artist to be distracted on your special day, do you? Try to hire a professional exclusively!


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