10 Types Of Make Up Brushes

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Is it time to update your makeup kit? It may just be and apart from the makeup staples like lip colours and nail polishes, you also need to stock up on makeup brushes. The best makeup brushes help you put the show together. If you do not use the correct brush, even the best of the beauty products won’t be able to produce the wow effect. Find out about the various kinds of makeup brushes and how they can help you from points mentioned below.


Types of makeup brushes

Let us get straight into the types of brushes that should be present in your makeup brush kit:

1. Foundation brush:

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The foundation brush is an essential brush. It helps to apply the base of the makeup, which is the foundation, uniformly on your skin. As we all know, a smudgy foundation application can lead to many problems and completely ruin your look. So opt for the best foundation brush and ensure your makeup basics are taken care of.

2. Concealer brush

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Next, we come to the very important concealer brush. The brush has a pointed tip at the end of a wide base. This particular brush is used to apply concealer under the eyes and also over skin blemishes all over the face. It is a useful makeup tool that helps address the delicate problems associated with applying makeup.


3. Blusher brush:

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Whether you are an ardent fan of makeup or you simply put it on as a necessity, you cannot do without some good ol’ blusher. And to apply the mighty blusher you need a blusher brush. This is perhaps the most commonly found brush in all makeup boxes. It is a soft brush with a rounded head and allows you to pop some colour on your cheeks. You can use it to give a smooth and professional finish to your makeup and this is why it needs to be a part of your makeup brush kit.


4. Mascara brush:

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A mascara brush helps your lashes look long, curled and every bit stylish. It is usually available with all mascaras, but you can buy an individual mascara brush of your choice if you do not like the ones that come with the product.

5. Eye shadow brush:

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Your eyes speak a million words. Your eyes also draw a lot of attention and so you need to dress them up at all times. A good eye shadow makeup brush helps you achieve this. The eye shadow brushes are thin with a soft, small head that allows you to smear the colour gently and uniformly on your eye lids.


6. Fine point eyeliner brush:

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The fine point eyeliner brush is ideal for those who love liquid eyeliners. This is a one of the best professional makeup brushes that even the celebrities swear by. The brush has an extra fine tip which helps you to draw the lines with ease. The application is simple and gives a very chic look to your eyes.


7. Smudger brush:

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The smudger brush is for those who love the brush eyeliners. This brush is very commonly found in most makeup kits. The soft, foam end of the brush allows you to smudge out the dark eyeliner. This gives a smoky look and adds a super-stylish touch to your overall look.


8. Lip brush:

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A lip brush is a very handy makeup tool. It has a sharp, fine edge that allows you to draws the lip lines smoothly. The brush is highly useful for those who like some drama on your lips and enjoy a noticeable lip line beyond the lip colour.


9. Fan powder brush:


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One of the most handy makeup brushes available, the fan powder brush is a brush with a wide, fan-like tip. It is ideal to spread loose powder on the skin. It is also very beneficial is sweeping off excess makeup, especially from the cheeks and the eyelids after your makeup is done. It is quite an inexpensive brush but offers some of the best benefits, so make this a staple part of your makeup brush kit.


10. Duo fibre brush:



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The duo fibre brush is an excellent brush that can be used for wet as well as dry makeup products. So you can use it for a cream based product or a powder based product. It is soft and feathery and is most commonly used to blend the makeup in.


The bottom line

It is vital to own the best makeup brushes. You can invest a lot of money into buying the most expensive makeup, but your look won’t show through unless you apply the makeup properly. So invest in some good and professional makeup brushes and see the change instantly.


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