Health Benefits of Spa Services for Newbie Moms!


newbie mom

Being a mother is a miracle in itself! We all know how taxing this full-time job can get, especially when you have just given birth and you are constantly stretching between getting a nap and caring for your young one. The entire journey of pregnancy is an eccentric mixture of joy and fear, all at the same time. Even after your baby has grown up, you tend to get so busy with the child’s school, tiffin and extracurricular activities that it leaves you with no time to pamper yourself and get back to your previous self. Lots of women complain that they can no longer find time for themselves.

During the earlier days newbie moms had the mandatory massage nannies taking care of them and their babies for nearly a month or two after the delivery. It was a ritual to call over a nanny who would massage your baby with warm essential oils and knead and coax you back to health. While this tradition continues across India, women in metro cities don’t really get to benefit from it. This is also because a lot of women don’t take post-partum massage seriously. South Korea has dedicated post-partum facilities to help new moms deal with the pressure of child birth. Many countries are hence focusing on the spa department because of the increase in count of mothers leaving their jobs to take care of their new born or getting overstressed due to the current state of environment and lifestyle changes.

6 Advantages of Body Massage

If you are one of those who wonders how can spa benefit you after child birth, then read on. Here we have compiled a list for you to check out as to why you need to indulge in this highly underrated experience:

1. To recover from extreme stress

newbie mom

The entire process of pregnancy is exhausting and as your body goes through constant changes, it leads to frequent mood swings, joint ache due to weight gain, sore in the breasts due to constant breast feeding and pain in the upper back and knees. You need to get out of this never-ending cycle and give yourself a break. Nothing is better than a good full body massage here. Body massage also helps release endorphins which are naturally calming hormones which, in turn, helps eliminate any leftover toxic fluids or undesirable buildup of gases in your body.

2. Getting back to shape

newbie mom

Trying to get back to shape can be a Herculean task if not properly tended to. New moms would agree with the fact that moving out of the house for exercise is a strict no-no for them specially when your baby needs you every second. In such cases, Body massage services at home can help you break the monotony of your daily life.

3. To reduce Anxiety and depression

newbie mom

 The imbalance of hormones in your body during pregnancy can really mess up with your emotional state of mind causing a lot of anxiety and depression. In addition to regular exercises and a proper diet, doctors also suggest body massages like the Swedish massage and the head and foot reflexology massage. It greatly helps in relieving the anxiety and depression.

4. Getting the much desired ‘Me time’


Even though moms are no less than superwomen they too need their alone time and pampering. There is nothing better than a face massage or maybe a Thai massage treatment. You can feel its magic in a day!

5. Preparing the body for the upcoming battles with the tiny one

newbie mom


Spa rejuvenates and prepares your body for the ultimate marathon that lies ahead. It helps normalize your hormones and body chemicals that seem to go haywire during pregnancy. It’s very important that you get your daily dosage of sleep and an ample amount of relaxation. Because at the end of the day, home is where mom is!

6. Baby soft skin, not just for the baby!

Many women complain of suffering from pigmentation and other Skin related issues during and after pregnancy. Well, a deep tissue massage and a face massage is what you need to make your skin supple and blemish free just like your baby’s. The mix of various essential oils work together to heal you from within and give you the desired glow.


Table: UrbanClap Massage Therapy at Home Services – A Glimpse


Massage Therapy Details
Aromatherapy You can choose from a wide range of essential oils which have great therapeutic effects of calming your nerves and evoking your senses by destressing you.
Swedish massage Special kneading and gliding strokes to help relieve the pressure in your bones and nerves.
Thai massage Specifically, a dry massage to improve your flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.
Deep tissue massage Full body massage with essential oils has a healing effect on your post-partum body.
Hand & Foot Reflexology This cutting-edge massage therapy has wonder effects on your nerves and bones. It gently releases build-up of gases and tension in your muscle and joints. Usage of essential oils not only soothes your nerves, it also has a brilliant detoxifying effect.
Body scrub massage A mixture of precious minerals from the sea and algae and clay enriched with important vitamins helps get your skin get that glow again.
Face Massage Keeping in mind the type of skin you have, we have an array of essential oils to choose from.


The thought of getting a massage and a spa has already transported us to a heavenly abode. If you also feel that way, then book a massage at home service from Urban Company and get a trained professional at your doorstep. Go ahead and indulge yourself in this sinful pleasure because, well, you deserve it!

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