The Most Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding Decor

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Indian wedding decor has come a long way, and if there’s one small element that can create a big impact at your event, it’s the table centerpiece!

Guests may or may not notice any other part of the decor, but there’s one thing every single person does see – the decor at the table where they’re seated. A creative wedding centerpiece will grab their attention and add to the vibe you’re trying to set at your function.

These are our favourite creative and unique ideas for centerpieces from real weddings!


You’ve probably never, ever seen these at a wedding

1. A Cupcake Stand Makes For A GORGEOUS Centerpiece

Image Courtesy: Recall Pictures

2. Ice-cream Cones in Juice or Shot Glasses!

simple and inexpensive wedding centerpiece idea with ice cream cones and a handful of flowers
Image Courtesy: Shyamlee Thevar

3. Couple’s Favourite Movies’ Posters For Sangeet Decor

Image Courtesy: Pink Kurta Weddings

4. Vintage Patterned Tin Boxes Instead of Vases!

Image Courtesy: Blume Photography

5. Rose Buds in Test Tubes On A Transparent Glass Table With Hydrangeas Underneath

Coffee Table
Image Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja
Acrylic Decor
Image Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja

More photos of this glamorous cocktail decor here.

6. Watering Cans in Bright Colours

Watering can centrepieces
Image Courtesy: 1Plus1Studio

7. Owl Made Out Of Flowers!

Owl floral centrepiece
Image Courtesy: Abhinav Bhagat Events

8. Ceramic Elephants Sitting on a Bed of Marigolds

marigold centrepieces

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain

9. Pom Poms for a Kitschy Mehendi!

pom pom centrepiece
Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

10. Tea-cups Instead of Flower Vases!

tea-cup flower vase
Image Courtesy: Atitusto Events

Add yummy treats to make it the perfect tea-party themed decor!

Decor: The Wedding Designers // Image Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja

11. Vintage Trunks as Tables with Chaiwala Tea Glass Holder & Tin Can as Vases

Vintage trunks centrepiece ideas
Image Courtesy: Atitusto Events

12. Inverted Glass Goblets With Single Flower Inside & Candles On Top!

Image courtesy: Duo Events Houston


These creative centerpiece ideas have started to pick up as wedding decor trends, but are still rare enough to qualify as unique. So for example, while they may be beautiful, bird cages did NOT make this list because they’ve been done to death!

1. Ferris Wheels!

For a Carnival-theme wedding…

ferris wheel centrepieces
Image Courtesy: Rani Pink Love

A slightly rustic touch for an engagement party…

We particularly LOVE this pastel version!

Image Courtesy: Aash Studio

2. Painted bottles

Gold spray painted bottles are an elegant wedding centerpiece idea

metallic bottle centrepieces
Image Courtesy: Event Wala

Add glittering glasses with minimal florals for a Cocktail party

Image Courtesy: Atisuto

Add flowers in test tubes & spray-painted pineapples for a completely unique look

metallic bottle centrepiece
Image Courtesy: Atitusto Events

Keep it simple with translucently painted bottles and flowers for a Mehendi

colored bottles centrepiece
Image Courtesy: Dhanika Choksi Photography

3. Pickle Jars

Flowers in multiple huge pickle jars

Pickle jar centrepieces
Image Courtesy: Devika Narain

Pair it with an ethnic animal figurine

Image Courtesy: Devika Sakhuja

4. Pinwheels

A truck with a pinwheel!

truck centrepiece ideas
Image Courtesy: Rani Pink Love

Multi-coloured vase with multiple pin-wheels

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

5. Wooden Crates

With a quote painted on it…

Image Courtesy: Reels & Frames

Or a mini-crate like this paired with gold print table cover – simple & pretty!

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

6. Hanging From Above

Botanical chandelier style perfect as an outdoor wedding table centerpiece

unique centrepiece design
Image Courtesy: With Love Nilma

Hanging embroidery hoops is a creative idea for an indoor wedding!

unique centrepiece ideas
Image Courtesy: Memorabilis India

7. Origami Birds

Go all out and hang strings of these…

Origami birds centrepiece
Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

8. Pineapples Added To Wedding Table Centerpiece

Ice cube buckets and spray-painted pineapples serve as vases for flowers!

floral pineapple centrepiece
Image Courtesy: Devika Narain

Literally a pineapple sitting in the middle of flowers

Image courtesy: Morvi Images

If you’re looking for more wedding decor ideas, check out this gorgeous Real Wedding we recently featured and the decor from this spring wedding!

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