The Work Life of a Housewife

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I remember a video that came a while back. A man enters his house and finds it in a mess. Clothes all over, a sink full of dirty dishes and the running water in the bathroom. Fearing a robbery, he runs towards the bedroom to check on his wife, only to find her sitting peacefully on the bed.

“What is this?”, he asks

The wife answers, “Remember you asked me what the hell do I do all day at home?”

The husband answers, “Well, ya!?”.

She says, “I didn’t do it today!”.

We have all advocated that a woman should work and become financially independent. While it is a noble thought, some of us in that process have belittled the work that a housewife does. She gets up the earliest in the morning and is the last to sleep at night. That is way more than the average hours that working professionals put in.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have come from a family where the women have worked outside the house. I work. But what most of us generally forget to acknowledge is the amount of work that goes in maintaining a house, so to seek a balance in the family. The job profile of a housewife.

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Amid her busy schedule in the day, she really doesn’t quite find the time for herself. The general perception of a housewife watching a saas bahu serial all day has never really existed in reality. A housewife finds her salary in compliments and the satisfaction of the family. She finds her content in the relieved smiles of her family, after a sumptuous meal and a home in order to come back to.

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Now we at UrbanClap understand and appreciate the sentiment, but why can’t one make it easier, much easier? Be it a home or an office, a hard worker also has to be a smart worker. It is also important to find time for yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Cooking Woes – The banal question that comes to mind every day is “What to cook?”. When my mother used to ask this question, it irritated her more that we used to answer “anything!”, rather than giving her a real answer. Let someone else take care of that for you once a while. Book a chef at home from UrbanClap and enjoy the change.
  2. Home is Not a Battlefield – The maid took a leave without informing you? Stop worrying about another chore added to your list and book a professional home cleaning expert from Urban Company. Not only would they take the burden off your shoulders, but they wouldn’t need constant supervision to clean every corner of the house. Worklife-of-a-housewife_cleaning
  3. Get Driven Around – Picking up groceries or your kids from school without knowing how to drive can be quite tough. Even if you do know how to drive, why take the additional stress of fighting the traffic? Book a driver on demand from Urban Company and make use of that car in the house. Worklife-of-a-housewife_driver
  4. Hobby and Academic Lessons at Home – Why drop your kids to their hobby classes and tuition center and worry about picking them up? You can get all of that at home with Urban Company. Worklife-of-a-housewife_hobbies
  5. The Small Repairs – Juggling all that you are supposed to can make you skip a few things that need attention. A leaky faucet, that fused bulb or the creaking doors come to mind only when it’s time to hit the sack. Why bother? With a click of a button get trusted professionals who will take over while you go about your schedule and eventually sleep peacefully at night. Worklife-of-a-housewife_repairs
  6. Pamper yourself – Work, any work can take a toll on anyone. Spending every minute of the day balancing between working at home and your family, may make you forget to find the balance between yourself and the rest of the world. Find time for yourself and treat yourself. You don’t even have to rely on a public transport or someone else, just book a salon at home service from Urban Company and get pampered. Worklife-of-a-housewife_salon

Every work has its place in the society and deserves due respect. The work of a housewife comes with an unnegotiable job description. It needs to be treated like any other work but it also needs to give her joy.


Urban Company seeks to help you find joy in your house work.


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