Top 7 Graphic Designing Firms in India

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A graphic designer’s journey is incomplete until he or she works in a graphic designing firm and becomes a part of creative extravaganza. The efforts of such innovative graphic designers, latest technology and the dedication of the company to keep its clients’ demands as priority makes a graphic design company the best and unique. Currently we have thousands of graphic design companies in India. Choosing the best one among them can be a great challenge.  We are here to simplify the task for all those people who often search for the best graphic design companies in India. Excellent client review, impressive portfolio of work, prominence in local markets and global reach have made these companies the most famous companies in India. Let’s take a look at the dream-team list of top graphic design companies in India.

  1. UDLAB

UDLAB is also known as the Universal Designovation Lab. They are the pioneers of human centred product and use a holistic design approach to enhance product experiences. It is a multiple award winning graphic design agency and is also one of the fastest growing Design and Innovation firm in India. It has won more then 20+ Design Awards internationally and is the only one out of two Design firms in India, Who won First time, European Product Design Award.

It has a team of international award winning graphic designers, strategists and engineers to help achieve your business goal. They provide anything and everything from ideation to sketch to development for all product design needs.

Founder: Bhavin R Dabhi

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

Services offered: Brochure Design, Websites mockup and website sitemap, web graphics and AD design, postcards/mailer design, layout design and many more.

Notable campaign: Shlok phototherapy campaign, Product design campaign, Industrial product design campaign, India Design mark campaign.

  1. Litmus Branding

It is a very famous graphic design agency located in Ahmedabad. Its main objective is to “make your brand design simple, yet creative, innovative and persuasive. They’ve managed to create more than 400 logos in three years which shows the dedication of this company. They have a sizable portfolio of clients both from India as well as abroad. It displays your brand in an extremely flattering manner while creating stirring desire within the customers to connect with your company.

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Services offered: Web design, branding, marketing material design, invitation card, brochure, product packaging and many more.

Notable campaign: Packaging and graphic design campaign, Creative design campaign, Opportunistic marketing campaign, mobile marketing campaign, Live streaming campaign.

  1. Studio Fifi

It has a team of creative thinkers and designers dedicated to deliver the latest design trends in the global market. The main motto of the company is to come up with emotional yet logical, simple yet persuasive and creative yet economical designs for the clients both in India as well as abroad. They take your ideas and use their skills to design products, logo, brochures, websites UI/UX design, graphics and illustrations.

Founded In: 2016


Services offered: A multi-disciplinary design firm that caters to everything from ideation to strategy building to design and development.

  1. Crazyhead Solutions

It is a multi award winning graphic design firm located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It has become a one stop solution to companies to stand out unique in the market.  It has a team of innovative, passionate and hard working designers helping you achieve the desired goal. From logo design,  poster creation , website designing  and layout design , this company essentially deals with all aspects of having a great design. They have a laser-like focus on creating designs and ultimately helping your company reach to the top.

Established In: 2013

Location:Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Services offered: Logo designing, poster creation, website designing , layout design and all other aspects of having a great design.

Notable Campaign: The next big thing campaign

  1. Identix Design

It is a design and consulting company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They work together with the corporate, industrial and advertising sector to produce a variety of design elements. The simple objective of this company is to win the consumer’s heart and occupy his mind. They are always dedicated to deliver the latest design trends to your business. They provide a visual identity in the form of logo, UI/UX, packaging and product design to your company in order to deliver the right message and achieve your target.

Established In: 2013

Location:Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Services offered: Logo & corporate identity, company profile and brochure, website design, print advertisement, web casting and many more.

Notable Clients: 9 Star, Yogindra, Kanbi, Aura Valley Resort, Printography, Phlucon, Ozona, Technobug.

  1. Design Bucket

Based in Chennai, Design Bucket aims at providing a strong corporate identity to your firm through professional and creative graphic designs and simultaneously work towards bringing the expenditure to the bare minimum. Their portfolio has an impressive stretch of logos of Chennai based brands like VJ Groups, Mozzapp, Limen HR and more. Their services have spanned from advertising agencies to hospitals and healthcare.

Founded in: 2012

Location: Chennai

Services offered: apart from the usual corporate identity tools like logo, brochure, posters invites and flyers, Design Bucket indulge you in some quality image services, Advertisement production, prepress and premedia arrangements, printing and digital media services.

  1. Fisheye

It’s a leading graphic design and consulting firm which creates design that has the ability to touch people’s heart. They believe that creative ideas balanced with simple orientation, aesthetics and value make design work. Their success mantra is to consider their clients as their partners at every step of the design process, which makes each project stand out and creates brand value with a distinct personality. As a creative graphic design firm, the company has earned several accolades.

Established In: 1988

Founder:  Anjali Puri

Location: New Delhi and Goa

Services offered: product & packaging design, company’s visual enhancement with full support from concept to realization, marketing material design, website design and many more.

Notable Clients: Little paradise, Indian Postcards, Uniworld city Air, Uniworld developers, Reebok, Brioni, Royal Football Academy, Aviva.

So what are you waiting for?  Choosing the right design firm will play a big part in winning the consumer’s heart and occupy his mind. These companies have all the skills, expertise & professionalism required to make your company visually appealing and impressive. Their creative flair can definitely give you the wings to rise above your competitors and stand out as unique, appealing and out of the box.

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