From a Computer Engineer to a Shoe Laundry Service: We Do Shoes

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The helplessness that you feel when you have to throw away the expensive pair of shoes that cost you nearly half of your salary. The disappointment you feel when you can’t wear your favorite heels just because the leather in some parts has worn out and ripped. If you find yourself at the receiving end of these feelings, then a shoe laundry service is just what can save you from feeling this and save your shoes from being thrown into the bin.


These are exactly the thoughts that provoked a man to start a journey that was unimaginable to him as well. After all, you wouldn’t expect a Master of Science in Computers from a reputed university in the United States to work as a ‘Cobbler’. Well, Sourabh Kapoor hung up his shoes quite literally!

Having studied and worked in the US for years, Sourabh had a huge collection of shoes and some of them were pretty expensive. When he came back to India, he just couldn’t trust the average street cobblers with the shoes that were so close to his heart. With the passage of time, he realized that there were others who suffered from the same plight.


When he spoke about quitting his job in order to start a shoe repair and shoe dry-cleaning business, people thought that he had lost all grounds of reality. But Sourabh’s love for shoes got the better of all those who doubted his dream.

It is then that “We Do Shoes” was born. He believes

“If a shoe, that has cost you thousands of rupees, is a little damaged then it would only be feasible to get that repaired for just a few hundred rupees rather than spending some more thousands to get a new pair”

To ensure that his clients get the best results, Sourabh uses the latest technology and employs craftsmen with decades of experience in the industry of shoe making. Since he also cares dearly for the street cobblers, he makes it a point to hire them and educate them adequately in the art of shoe repair and shoe dry cleaning, with the aid of new technologies.


His clients speak

“Good repair work on my shoes. As advertised, got free pick up and delivery. Overall, a great experience. Would definitely recommend the service to everyone!” Rohan Arya

“I had lost all hope for my boots, but you guys gave them a whole new life and a look! Thanks to the team for all the efforts. My lifeless shoes came to life again!” Ashish Seth


Still not convinced, Sourabh takes us through the entire process:

1. Documentation: Once your order is placed, we pick it up from your doorstep and note down your requirements with pictures so that we can hand over the same to the repair team.

2. Analysis: Our team of experts will analyse the need and scope of repair whether it is repairable or not. If rejected by the team of experts, it will be communicated & sent back to you.

3. Repairing: Keeping your requirements in mind, our team of experts will start the process of repairing, and if any need of replacement of any part arises, we shall contact you for the same and only after your confirmation, the relevant parts will be replaced

4. Quality check: Once the repair/replacement is done, our quality assurance team will examine the same thoroughly and if found OK, shall be sent for next process of dry clean /polishing.

5. Dry Cleaning & Polishing: As per the need of each individual product dry cleaning, polishing, colouring shall be carried out in such a way to match your expectations.

6. Final Check: A final quality check is done and pictures are taken before sending it back to you.

7. Back To You: An email confirmation is sent to you stating that your order is ready for delivery and it shall reach you as per scheduled time & location.

Don’t wait up! Get your shoes and even handbags fixed from WeDoShoes.

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  1. The positive media exposure Team UrbanClap gave to “WeDoShoes” provided the community with a nice introduction to our goals and services. We hope to maintain this upward momentum with quality service at reasonable prices. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved 🙂

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