These 13 Room Ideas Will Make You Want to Paint Your Walls Yellow!

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In this post, you’ll find 13 room ideas that show you how to incorporate yellow paint colors on your walls.

Of the many colours you can choose for your interiors, yellow is a great pick!

Depending on the tint, hue or tone you select, you can either make a room come alive by making just one section or wall pop out, or create an oasis of calm by throwing in paler yellows with some whites and botanical prints. In fact, yellows can work for a classic, stately room as well as it can for an uber chic room.

We’ve got 13 room ideas — from living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms to kitchens, pooja rooms and bathrooms — that show you how you can opt for yellow paint colors for your walls.

So let’s begin!

(All pictures: Courtesy Pinterest)

1. Pair Chalky Yellow Paint With White Antique Furniture

yellow paint white furniture

An almost-cream, ecru or chalky yellow can give a room a soft appearance and make it look spacious. Just like in this bedroom! These shades also work beautifully with white, antique furniture.

2. Incorporate Soft Yellow in the Bathroom

yellow bathroom polka dot flooring

Yellow in a bathroom? Yes, of course! This small bathroom appears bigger and brighter, thanks to the soft yellow used on portions of its walls. The polka dot flooring gives it a retro touch!

Yellows belong to the warm colour family. They are the colour of optimism, radiance, joy and wealth.

3. Cheer Up a Baby’s Nursery With Pale Yellow

yellow wall paint color baby nursery

Yellow, especially its paler shades, is also the best choice for a gender-neutral nursery. It’s cheerful, to say the least, and an instant mood-lifter. Even if you don’t have space for a nursery, and are instead going to just include the crib in your bedroom, you can sectionalise the crib area with a soothing pale yellow wall.

4. Compliment Soft Yellow Walls With Smaller Prints

yellow room interiors decor

Not only does this room opt for a soft yellow on its walls, it also keeps the overall look soft by pairing with small chintz prints for furnishing and muted upholstery. Other ways for you to do the same are by decorating the room with white and yellow flowers, or combining the yellow wall paint with another soft colour like a pale green.

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5. Go Bold With a Citrus Shade

yellow grey wall paint design

Citrus shades pair well with greys or raw wood to offset the vibrant colour. Just like they do in this living room. Yes, while this shade of yellow is a bold choice for a living room, you can use it as a highlight as done in this room.

6. Liven Up Your Child’s Room With a Canary Yellow

yellow wall paint design room

Got an energetic teenager in the house? Use lemons and canary yellows for his room. In fact, since you’ve already got a bright colour, mix and match with other bright colours. You especially have room to experiment with cushions and wallpapers.

7. Break the Flow With Yellow

yellow highlight accent wall

This room uses a medium shade of yellow for one section of the wall and to break the continuity of the white wall paint color. It, of course, also adds a fun element to the room.

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8. Create a Cosy Space With Warm Yellow

yellow room ideas

If snug and relaxing is the vibe you’re gunning for, pair a warm yellow wall with muted, soft furnishing. Works like magic!

9. Create an Ambience Fit For a Pooja Room

yellow pooja room

If you’re thinking of colours for your pooja room, yellow should be an option. Golden yellows like amber lend a bright touch to the pooja room and create an ambience of reverence. 

Style tip: Introduce a bit of gold/bronze by way of adding sculptures and urlis.

10. Go For a Half Wall Design

pale yellow walls living room

This living room corner incorporates a muddy yellow but only on half its wall. This is a growing trend, even in Indian homes, and is a fun way to highlight your sofa or other furniture. A black outline gives the colour some dimension.

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11. Complement a Muddy Yellow With a Brick Wall

how to decorate a room with yellow walls

Yellows are known to be great picks for kitchens, thanks to their happy vibes. Taking a cue from the same, this small open kitchen pairs an exposed brick wall with a warm ochre shade of yellow. As you can see the two contrast beautifully. 

12. Pair With Light Furniture

pale yellow paint

Again, muddy ochres and champagne yellows can create a classic and luxurious look when paired with white panelling and light furniture.

13. Add Wooden Tones

best yellow wall paint colors

Yellow contrasts beautifully with wooden tones, just like in this room. The wooden flooring and the wooden trunk add an old world charm, while the yellow wall pairs up as a perfect partner.

Style tip: Ochre can add just a bit of colour but isn’t that dramatic so high contrast furniture can balance that out.

So, as you can see, yellow is a wonderful colour to incorporate in your house and on your walls. It all comes down to knowing how to complement the shade you use with the decor and furnishings of the space.

Happy painting!

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