8 Ideas to Introduce Pastels In Your Home Interiors!

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Time to transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity with modern and muted pastels, but in the right balance!

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Let’s admit this. No matter how much we love our bolds and brights, we also have a soft spot for lighter, feminine Pastels. There’s something about shades like Mint, Pink and Light Yellow that we just can’t resist. Perfectly suited for a sophisticated space, Pastel Colours come with many benefits. Soft, soothing, varied and versatile, they can be fairly neutral when necessary. However, you don’t need to commit to the shade for an entire room to test the magic; a pop of colour at the right spot can show the power. But if you want to make pastels the star of the show by some dramatic statement, we are here to help you.

Here Are 8 Ways To Add That Pastel Touch To Your Home Interiors

The Bigger, The Better

In all-white interiors, the best way to add some bounce in the setting is by focusing on an interesting piece of furniture with a modern nature. How about a Pink Couch? If your style is Chic and Modern, the idea of a pink sofa will be best suited for your Living Room. Try keeping cushions in the same fabric as the sofa for extended drama!

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Where To Buy: Maishaa, New Delhi

Goes Well The Blue

The key to creating a Classic and Clean atmosphere in your living room is to incorporate a shade of Pastel Blue. Blue always stands as a sign of freshness and elegance. You can choose blue as the only accent colour for the decor. Bring out the drama with textures and patterns in white and black, and artwork and soft furnishings in quirky floral prints.

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Beauty Of Sage Hues

Sage is fresh and soft and offers a perfect alternative to the classic White decor scheme. This colour will also add brightness to a minimalistic room with White walls and can be done by our Interior Designers in Bangalore. All you need is a sage upholstered sofa in your living room coordinated with nature-inspired soft furnishings. It opens up Space, fills it with Personality and creates a Prestigious look!

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Where To Buy: Maishaa, New Delhi

Eat In Pastels

Recreate the Nordic vibe in your dining area by considering a few pastel mugs, bowls, kettles and plates. From blue, beige and rose quartz, this tableware makes a chic and sophisticated display. But why settle for simple pieces? Bring a cheery feel with subtle Prints and Patterns.

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Ditch Pink

A perfect pastel shade, Lavender or shades of Purple work great in creating that dreamy look of a room, especially when combined with colours such as white, pink and woody tones. It is not necessary to have everything in Purple. Just accentuate the look with the right mixing. Trust the style, the pop of purple will surely add a beautiful appeal to your princess’ bedroom.

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Where To Buy: Ottimo, New Delhi

Blue Rules

There’s something about Blue that just seems to scream “Boy’s room.” A colour that goes around with almost everything, the pastel blue blends effortlessly with a variety of patterns and textures when it comes to the boy’s room. Just pick the colour and spread the shade with a wide open heart. Do not forget to opt light blue as its airy shade makes space look bigger, warmer and welcoming.

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Where To Buy: RR Decor, New Delhi

Pastel-Perfect Bedroom

There is something so relaxing about the pastel shades of the colour palette for your spaces that you want to escape from the world. We are talking about Bedrooms. Opt for astonishing Pastel Pink bedding that is utterly sensual and Super Chic. Add some feminine and soft appeal by adding white through furniture, furnishings and accessories.

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Where To Buy: RR Decor, New Delhi

Combining With Brights

A wall of soft Grey combined with Bold Blue bedding may not sound interesting but when combined with bright coloured textiles and white pillows, it’s hard to ignore! Ensure the balance of this manly scheme by choosing similar hue for few more accessories in the room!

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What’s your favourite Pastel Pick?

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