9 House Hacks to Prepare Your House for Summer

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Did you know your body isn’t the only thing that needs your attention while bracing for summer? Heat, whether in humid regions or dry ones, affects everything including the shelf life of the food in your house. It’s March already and summer is almost here. It’s the perfect time to set up your house to effectively handle the heat! Here are nine tips to help you along the way.

Check your AC cooling system


Having your AC give up on you just as the temperatures begin to soar is likely to leave you frustrated and very uncomfortable. No matter which company your bought your AC from, the customer service is likely to be massively overloaded once summer truly hits. To avoid getting yourself stuck with a non-functional air-cooler, make sure you get a maintenance check done well before time. Book a AC service in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore or Hyderabad from Urban Company!

Clean up your fans

As the weather heats up, you’ll find yourself using every available fan in the house. It’s a very good idea to make sure you and everyone in the room will not get sprayed with the dust that might have settled on top of the blades of your ceiling fans. You may also find that the fans, whether pedestal, wall-mounted or fixed to your ceiling, require oiling and a basic electrical check-up before you can use them.

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Readjust your fridge settings


Heat is conducive to the growth of fungi and bacteria, even inside a refrigerator. Summer heat makes food rot or get spoilt faster even if you put it in the fridge, if you haven’t turned up the intensity of its cooling system. Every fridge needs to use more energy in summer than in winter, to maintain the same temperature within.

Set up bug barriers


Summers are breeding times for the insect world. This means you will find yourself dealing with many more of them than the previous months. From mosquitoes and bugs to lizards, all the little creepy-crawlies come out of their hiding places and go foraging for food they can store for the rest of the year, making March the best month to get that pest-control appointment to make the most of it.

Change your linen fabric


The idea of a warm bed is only welcoming when it’s cold outside. Once the weather begins to warm up, you may not be too comfortable slipping into an even warmer bed. Make sure you change your bed linen and bring out the lighter, brighter, and more breathable fabrics for the summer months. It makes a subtle difference, so that you’re not left feeling restless and sleepless through the warm weather.

Change your curtains

Dark coloured curtains attract heat and trap it within the room. March is a great month to pack them away and put up light curtains instead. Install curtains that are neither heavy, nor dark in colour so that they allow even light breezes to come into your house. This will also ensure that your electrical cooling appliances don’t have to bear the entire burden of fighting off the heat and thereby help keep your electric bill in check.

Spruce up your guest rooms


Summer is holiday season, so it might be a good idea to clean out the spare rooms in your house. Clean out all the dust and open the rooms up to let all the mustiness air itself out. Family members, friends staying over, impromptu house parties are all features of summer merriment and you surely do not want to be caught unprepared.

Install dust screens

The most common and most unwelcome feature of summer is the pollen and dust it brings along. Most people are allergic or at least irritated by the overwhelming amount of it floating around in the air during the warm months. Installing dust screens made of very light fiber or wire mesh at all the entrances and windows in your house will help considerably reduce the amount of it that enters your house.

Oil all the hinges


Breezy summer days come with mosquito-ridden nights. You can almost be sure you’ll be opening and closing your windows a fair bit through the season. While door hinges are unlikely to present much of a problem, it might serve you well to oil out all the hinges in the house – from those on your windows to those on storage cabinets.

Summer is a great season to indulge yourself and make the most of the holiday cheer. If left unattended, these little tasks tend to pile up and summer is gone by the time you actually finish getting through with it all. Prepare ahead of time and leave yourself time to enjoy the holidays this summer!

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