Graphic Design Trends for Business Cards to Inspire The Designer in You

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Business cards give your sleek, quick and correct introduction. That crisp little card can be the difference between being connected and forgotten. You may think it absurd but it’s very true. Out of 27,397,260 business cards printed every day, 88% are thrown out in less than a week. Business cards of today are your statement in your absence, which gives the person given to an idea about the kind of person you are.

Business cards are a reflection of who you are. Not only can they help you make a great first impression but also help you close the difference between closing a deal and losing it. Apart from being your first impression business cards are also a great source of marketing. It is said that a mere number of 2000 cards can increase the company sales by 3 %. But this splendid tool is seldom implemented because most business cards have crummy cringe-worthy designs. No one wants to hold on to something that looks and feels cheap, not for long at least. If the card is unique upbeat and above average, people tend to hold on to them simply because they’re beautiful and innovative to look at and represent to them an above average service quality that draws them to the card owner.

So when you add graphics to this interesting mixture, the scope of creativity knows no bounds. Graphic designing has come on business cards like a wave of transformation and innovation with new and interesting examples coming up every day.

Here is a list of a few buzz worth trends in graphic design business card:

Asymmetry: In an attempt to create original designs, designers have started breaking the rules of symmetry, which has come to be known as Asymmetric designs. These designs constitute of cards which are not balanced or symmetrical on both sides. Like the disproportional placements of objects, variable sizes or portrayal.

Popping colors: This is a trend which has come into fashion almost everywhere from clothes, documents to the cards. The philosophy underlying this trend is ‘the brighter, the better’. This trend has taken over a lot of familiar brands as popping bright colors have become the new favorite. Disorienting bright blue, pink, orange or the high contrast neon colors. Its all up for grabs this season.

Duotone: Just like the name suggests, this trend requires you to combine two bright colors to get a new and fantastic mixture. These kind of combinations are not easy and requires an advance designing skills but the end result is mind-blowing. The end result is such that they can’t go unnoticed.

The color combination can be more contracting for even more impactful composition but if not the case, simply mixing two colors of your choice also works out well.

Low- Poly Designs:  This design trend takes its inspiration from game graphic design. It is one of the most cutting-edge design as it comes in geometric shapes and color game which gives it a 3-D feel. And to take it to the next level designers have started making hybrids with pop-up colors and asymmetry.

Geometric design: This is a design trend which seems to be everlasting with little tweaks and tinkers. The use of geometric shapes in graphic designs gives them an eye-pleasing impressive composition.

To make these designs even more appealing you can mix them with any of the above design trends to get an altogether new masterpiece. The geometric design is one of those designs which serves as a backbone to all other designs. You can mix it with pop-up contrast colors to get contrast 2-D images or mix it with 3-D graphic design to give it an altering three-dimensional feel.

Custom Graphics and illustrations: This is one of the biggest trends in the graphic design business cards industry. Customised images and graphics are simple to make and highly attractive. Illustrations provide a lot of opportunities to push creative boundaries and introduce new elements.

Open Composition: It is the superb design where objects don’t have to be constricted by the conventional rules of gravity and can go beyond the plane of design. The design which was initially for photographs has now spread its legs in designing and the card business.  A design which can be made even more effective by adding a sense of movement to the design, such as parallax technique.

Chaos: Just as chaos is the ladder of life, chaos is the ladder for design.  Chaos is all about decorative detail,  with the philosophy- more the merrier.  The design is taking over a rebellion over harmony, where ever increasing designers are saying no to limiting their creativity and coming up with atypical designs.

Topography and font Combo: A combination of different fonts,  image and font hybrid. This trend of playing with text is one of those trends which is going to take a big round. Designs with text and image combination give designers maximum opportunity to create and have the characteristics to last long. So for those who are looking for something long lasting and permanent, this is the design to go with without a doubt.

There is nothing called safe in this business anymore, plain and simple is dull and boring. Mute colors with simple black and white borders are a big no-no in any area. Whether you’re a creative or professional, business cards need to be out of the box to make an impact.

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