When Women Broke Boundaries … #InternationalWomensDay

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This Women’s day we share with you real stories of real women. Stories about women who chose their path, stood ground and changed their’s and their family’s life story.

  1. Deepa Rane
    Growing up, Deepa loved everything related to beauty and skin care. She would draw eyebrow shapes on her hand and look for people to practice on. Even while working in a small business firm, her heart lay in beauty care, and she eventually quit her job. After working as a beautician at local salon, she joined UrbanClap and is now one of our most successful beauticians.

    Here’s her story:

    Watch Deepa's story – a beautician, now also a business owner. By empowering women, UrbanClap is helping to #BridgetheGap. [Sponsored]

    Posted by Scroll on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

  2. Poonam Jhamb
    Poonam always wanted to be independent and, so being dependent on her family for everything was not her cup of tea. She decided to start her on beauty parlour but could not sustain it due to financial difficulties. Feeling down and out, she did not lose hope.

    She joined UrbanClap and felt free. Yes, free and independent. Why? In three years since her joining, she has bought a house and gifted a car to her brother. She runs her house independently and takes fantastic care of her daughter.

  3. Manisha
    Manisha had started her career in a home service company. But had a difficult time making ends meet when that company suddenly shut down. She was jobless, scared and worried about how to pay for children’s school fees.

    She tried to get back up on her feet by opening a salon. But while it demanded most of her time, it was not yielding results. But relentless, she followed her passion and joined UrbanClap which gave her the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. She earns far more than she did in her previous job and has given her family a new direction in life.

  4. Sridevi
    Sridevi used to work in a Hyderabad-based salon. Doing a 10-hour shift every day for fixed salary of Rs 10,000 a month, Sridevi was waiting for a better opportunity to show up. She joined UrbanClap in Feb 2017, a few months after we opened shop in the city. And she has never looked back since then!
    In her 2-year stint (and ongoing) she has served close to 2,000 women. Her customers love her, as evident from her 4.95 average rating. She is now not just a most-asked beautician but also a land owner. Yes you heard that right. She will soon be constructing her own house and provide her family with living standard she always wanted them to have.
  5. Kulsum
    Kulsum joined UrbanClap as a Salon at home professional in July 2017. Before joining UrbanClap, she worked at a Hyderabad-based parlour. Till now, she has served more than 1,100 women with all customers raving about her. Some of her oft-quoted characteristics are having great technique and being punctual. She recently bought her own house and will move in once the finishing is complete.
  6. Ruksar
    Being the eldest in the family, Ruksar had to fend for herself and her six sisters. She started her journey as a beautician eight years before joining UrbanClap. She used to earn less than Rs 20,000 per month and always knew it just wasn’t enough to keep the family going. She heard of UrbanClap and joined us as Salon Professional in Nov 2017.
    She now earns close to a lakh a month. Giving her dreams more wings, is her new scooty that she bought recently. Her next big step is supporting her sisters to stand up on their feet.



  1. Mai bhi single parent hu. Mujhe bhi apna Ghar kharidna hai. Mere do bacche hai. Urban clap join karke mjhe bohot Accha lag rha hai aur Jo izzat mjhe yaha milrhi hai wo 14 yrs me salon me nahi mili. Mai bohot khush aur inspired hu Urban Clap se.

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