7 Make-Up Tips for a Summer Wedding That Brides Must Know

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There is nothing that sounds more beautiful than the idea of a summer wedding. What is not pretty, however, is the melting makeup, especially if it’s your wedding day. Since the summer season has started, we asked our top makeup artists to compile a list of tips for makeup that does not suffer a meltdown, or give you one.

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Foundation- Get the basics right!

Your face can look extra greasy in summer because of the added sweat getting mixed up with the make-up. As a bride, you would want your skin to glow rather than look oily.

  1. Hydrate your skin – For an oily skin, use a moisturizer that is oil free. If your skin is extra oily, skip the moisturizer and instead just dab a little eye lotion under the eyes. The T-zone area of your face generally tends to get oily even if your skin is dry, so be extra careful in applying any kind of lotion there. For dry skin, moisturize your skin the usual way. It is important that you do, otherwise, the make-up will start cracking in the heat.
  2. Apply an anti-shine product on your face just before applying the foundation.
  3. Foundation is supposed to give your face an even tone, but if you have been blessed with great skin, skip it altogether. Instead, just use a spot concealer on areas with blemishes, under the eyes or around the corners of your nose. A spot concealer stays longer than a foundation.
  4. Use an oil-free foundation from a good brand. Brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, Mac, Sephora, Dior etc. offer a range of foundations according to your skin that you can pick from.
  5. The final touch – After the application of foundation, powder your face with a brush.



2.Blush – For the blushing bride

  1. Go for powder blushes instead of creamy formulas that will make your skin appear oily.
  2. For the blush to last, apply a cheek stain and match it with the colour of the blushing powder.

3. Bronzer – Less may be more

  1. Indian skin is blessed with a natural tan that gives the perfect look for the summer season. A bronzer needs to be used with caution.
  2. The beating sun will add an extra sheen to your face anyway, so use a bronzer that does not have too much shimmer.


4. Eyes – Smoky eyes or the classic look?

No matter what eye makeup you choose to go with, the perfect eye make-up is sometimes enough to give you a great look. But the unforgiving sunlight can make your eyes appear artificial if you have the wrong make-up on. Here is what you can do:

  1. Most Indian women have an extra sheen on their eye-lids due to a naturally oily texture. Apply a mattifying product before the concealer. Apply the concealer you have used on your face, all over your eye-lids to maintain uniformity.
  2. Avoid contouring- Eyeliners are a popular choice to make your eyes appear big and beautiful. However, your dark circles can be visible with too much contouring. Do not use an eyeliner in this case.
  3. Waterproof your eyes- Using a waterproof mascara or a liner is not enough to face the sun. For the powder to stay on your eye-lids, use a great eye base. Then use a smudge-free eyeliner (most of the reputed brands offer them) and a water-proof mascara. This will prepare you for the moments when your emotions boil and you want to let go of yourself in the moment by shedding a tear or two.
  4. Finally, use a powder eyeshadow and dab two layers of it, from the lash line to the brow.


5. Lips – Let your lips do all the talking!

Often that gets lost in the moments of sipping enough water and eating all the sweets being forced down your throat. How do you keep your lip colour intact?

  1. Pick the classic summer colour according to your skin tone. Reds, oranges, and shades of pinks work best in a day wedding.
  2. Apply a lip balm with a minimum SPF value of 15 on your lips. This not only moisturizes your lips but also helps the lip pencil to glide along easily.
  3. Colour in your entire mouth with a lip pencil so your lip stick does not bleed in the heat.
  4. After applying the lipstick, blot it with a tissue. Apply a touch of gloss on the lips so they do not appear chapped.
  5. Finally, apply the lipstick concealer to seal the deal.

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6. Touch-up kit – Don’t you forget it!

A touch-up kit is as important as your entire make- up! It is important to have it handy all through your wedding. Include the following in it:

  1. Blotting papers
  2. Face powder
  3. The lipstick and a gloss
  4. A tube of concealer with a mini brush for quick touch-ups
  5. Q-tips to clean up under the eyes (in case you shed a few eyes)



7. Last but not the least – A few must haves

Make-up check! But even if you follow all the above rules, there are still a few things you should carry to protect your makeup and keep it fresh

  1. Carry an umbrella to shield yourself from the sun
  2. Drink lot of fluids, especially water! And since you have the touch-up kit ready, don’t worry about the fading lipstick

We hope these tips help you get the perfect look for your wedding. Book a professional wedding make-up artist from Urban Company and look every bit beautiful on the day of your wedding, irrespective of the season you have it in!