5 creative birthday party ideas by real moms!

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No one looks forward to growing older. No one, except children. For a child, every birthday is a new beginning, a threshold to cross. They wait months, weeks, and days for that special day and, as a parent, you naturally want to make it worth the wait!

Whether it’s inviting all his classmates, even if it means personally telephoning the 40 different mothers, or decorating the house with all her favourite Disney characters- you know exactly what will make this day special for your little one.

That’s why, last week, we held a small contest inviting moms to describe their children’s dream birthday themes. And, we have to say, we were amazed by some of the ideas that came up! Here are the best 5 birthday themes given by real moms:

5. The Nautanki theme

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Theme idea by Roopali Agrawal

She’s the dramebaaz of the family. Kuhu’s always loved to dance and act, so her dream birthday theme would be like a nautanki in a mela- lots of colours, street plays, dances, and a little skit by the kids. The venue will be decorated with full size posters of her favourite Bollywood movies, along with some of her posters, and an actual red carpet to welcome the guests!

4. A beautiful Beach birthday

rsz_shutterstock_363748541 Theme idea by Varsha

My daughter recently told me she wants to celebrate her birthday on a beach this year so that she can have her father look down from heaven and bless her and also watch her celebrating her birthday under the vast blue sky.

My idea is to arrange a little beach picnic birthday for her with just our close family members. Her birthday cake will have a picture of her favourite cartoon, and the picnic basket will have a lovely spread of all the delicacies she loves. We’ll have lots of balloons and bubble guns, because how can you have a beach picnic without bubbles? For games, we’ll have play ball and racquette and, of course, we’ll build sand castles! The day will end with a nice ferry ride on the sea 🙂

3. How about a Halloween birthday?

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Theme idea by Insiya Lokhandwala

My daughter loves Monster High, so I’m thinking about planning a Halloween based party for her this year. The invitation will be on a CD with 3 Monster High movies on it, and all the party guests can choose a character and dress up accordingly. The décor will be stylish, but still based on a monster theme, and the cake will be in typical Halloween style! And, of course, the return favours will be creepy crawly chocolates and accessories.

2. A party that’s all about the Superheroes!

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Theme idea by Manjusha Pandey

My son has always been fascinated by superheroes, with his favourite being Captain America. I would love to have an Avengers theme party for his birthday. The house will be transformed into the ultimate superhero hideout, with the entrance, the stage and everything else reflecting the Avengers theme. The tables and walls will be decorated with awesome Avengers decorative pieces and hangings. We’ll also put up a super cool balloon garland matching the colour theme of the Avengers to thrill my superhero. And the music will be a mix tape from these superhero movies, to create a dramatic and magical effect for the little guests.
Masks, capes, shields and other superhero accessories can be provided for Captain America’s friends to join the team of avengers. Super snacks and avengers saving the world themed cake and cookies will get the kids hungry in a flash. Snacks can be picked from their favourite superhero’s counters to act as a power booster and speed up the action and fun!

At the end of the party, we want everyone to walk away a winner with a bucket full of Avengers goodies and a big smile.

1. And the winner- A Social birthday!

rsz_shutterstock_401390167 Theme idea by Prema Saldanha

My tween girl has been wanting to turn 13 as soon as possible, because she’s forbidden from accessing social media sites until then.  However, most of her friends are on FB, Snap chat and Instagram. That’s why I would like her to have a social media themed birthday this year with a special message for her- “Only one more year to go- keep counting 365!”

The food will be based on all the social media themes- emoji macarons, Instagram treat cakes, Facebook cake pops. And the props will be excellent! We’ll have Facebook colours photo props, Insta banners, and Snapchat stories from age 1 to 12. Her invite will have the option of “adding friends”– so her friends can bring one extra friend or sibling.

The activities will also be centered around social media so her friends will be able to “comment” with a scrap book for memories. Then, another impromptu activity could be a game based on “Likes” – each friend has to say something nice about all the other kids there. Another activity could be a Feed– asking each friend to arrive at 5 mins interval. And, of course, return gifts will complete the “sharing” component!

Liked these ideas? Let us know in the comments section! And, if you’re looking for help in planning your little one’s big birthday:


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