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Bathroom Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
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4.72 (421K)
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Classic deep cleaning
Intense deep cleaning
Move-in deep cleaning
Classic deep cleaning
Classic bathroom cleaning
4.74 (283.2K)
60 mins
25% off 2nd service onwards
Dirt & black stain removal from toilet pot, tiles, floor, basin, exhaust, etc.
Book this service every month for a clean, spotless & hygienic bathroom
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Intense deep cleaning
Intense bathroom cleaning
4.72 (312.2K)
1 hr 20 mins
30% off 2nd service onwards
Hard water stains & dirt in tile grouting removal with scrubbing machine
Intense cleaning of toilet pot, tiles, floor, basin, exhaust, etc.
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1 Bathroom + 1 ceiling fan
4.72 (10.7K)
1 hr 30 mins
Intense deep cleaning of complete bathroom with scrubbing machine
Removal of accumulated dirt and oil deposits from fan blades
2 Bathrooms + 2 ceiling fans
4.72 (50K)
2 hrs 20 mins
Intense deep cleaning of 2 complete bathrooms with scrubbing machine
Removal of accumulated dirt and oil deposits from fan blades
Move-in deep cleaning
Move-in bathroom cleaning
4.71 (84.2K)
1 hr 30 mins
25% off 2nd service onwards
Paint, rust & dirt strain removal. Rigorous cleaning done. Ideal for relocating
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Mirror cleaning (additional)
4.76 (17.9K)
10 mins
Cleaning of one mirror
Removal of soap, oil, dirt & hard water stains
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Ceiling fan cleaning
4.76 (78.7K)
15 mins
Cleaning of one ceiling fan
Removal of deeply embedded dirt and oil deposits from fan blades
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Toilet seat stain removal (additional)
4.78 (79.1K)
15 mins
Cleaning of one toilet seat
Deep cleaning of interior, exterior surfaces of the WC
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Wash basin cleaning (additional)
4.76 (78.4K)
10 mins
Cleaning of one wash basin
Removal of stains & spots using cleaner
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Geyser Cleaning (external)
4.68 (2.3K)
10 mins
Exhaust Fan Cleaning
4.71 (8.7K)
15 mins
₹60 off
Window Cleaning
4.70 (18.5K)
15 mins
Bath Tub Cleaning
4.74 (788)
15 mins
Shower Cabin Cleaning
4.66 (1.4K)
20 mins
Balcony cleaning
4.74 (28.9K)
30 mins
Deep cleaning of one regular balcony (0-150 sq ft)
Removal of dirt/ rust stains from floor, railings, grills, etc.
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Customer reviews
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421K reviews
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★ 1
June 2022 • Krishna Nagar, Chandmari, Guwahati, Assam 781003, India
He didn't clean edges of wall tiles. I had to tell him to clean the geyser. He didn't put much effort.He left the basin dirty after rinsing his towel.
May 2022 • Bamunimaidan, Guwahati, Assam 781021, India
The bathroom mirror was left with some cleaning agent on it for which it appeared blurry. I had to clean it separately. The corner tiles were missed. And the shine on fittings didnt come which usually comes when i myself use the red harpic on it only. So overall just ok. Need to mention the pot was cleaned thoroughly.
April 2022 • Sarania Hills, Guwahati, Assam 781003, India
He was really polite and reached well before time. Also, the cleaning was very good.
April 2022 • Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam 781014, India
Excellent service, very polite approach.
March 2022 • Wireless, Rani Bagan, Guwahati, Assam 781038, India
Was humble and great
March 2022 • Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam 781018, India
He is very hardworking sincere executive.Happy with his service.
March 2022 • Narengi Tinali, Guwahati, Assam 781026, India
Simply cleaned by soap water . After washing floor/walls/fittings etc didn't dry which will keep white spot after it is naturally dried. Services didn't match with Video advertisement. Please tell honestly to the customer.
March 2022 • Parag Kumar Das Path, Ananda Nagar, Jyoti Nagar, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati, Assam 781021, India
Pls send professional people
March 2022 • Latasil, Uzan Bazar, Guwahati, Assam 781001, India
The professional was well mannered and did his job perfectly...very much satisfied
March 2022 • KC Sen Road, Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam, India
Excellent work done
March 2022 • Guwahati, Assam 781006, India
Excellent work done by Rajender kumar ji..
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Bathroom Cleaning in Guwahati, India
Urban Company connects you with the bathroom deep cleaning experts in your vicinity. Once you book a service on the Urban Company app, we assign you a trust-worthy professional to deliver the service at your doorstep. Keeping your safety in mind, all our professionals go through various levels of background checks and are verified before joining us. Every booking is insured by up to INR 10000 in case of any damage. Urban Company also provides home deep cleaning service for your entire house or just the furniture. Book a professional bathroom deep cleaning service on the Urban Company app or website today!
Frequently asked questions
Can I see the process of bathroom deep cleaning before it is done?
If you are unsure of the quality of the service before booking on app or the website, you can take a look at the video uploaded on the service page. It has a detailed shoot of the process and will give you a fair idea of what to expect from it.
What should I take note of before getting the service done?
Please note: Bathroom deep cleaning does not necessitate the removal of stubborn and hard core stains from the tiles, it may not also be able to remove the rust on bathroom fittings and taps.
Are the cleaning agents used safe?
Yes. The cleaning agents used by our experts are of professional grade and extremely safe. They are also certified and are commonly used by the experts in the market.
How much time will it take to clean the bathroom?
The time taken to clean bathrooms depends on the number of bathrooms you want cleaned. Here is what it will take: One bathroom- 1 hour with one cleaning staff, two bathrooms- 2 hours with one cleaning staff, three bathrooms- 2-3 hours with one cleaning staff, four bathrooms- 2-3 hours with one cleaning staff, five bathrooms- 3 hours with one cleaning staff.
Do you also do bathroom repairs?
Yes. However, you would have to book the specific repair on the Urban Company app or the website as a separate service request. For instance, if you have minor plumbing leaks,click on the service category of plumber. If your bathroom needs major repairs and renovations, click on the service category of bathroom renovation. Bathroom deep cleaning service does not cover any repairs.
How soon can I use the bathroom after the cleaning process?
As soon as the professional steps out and tells you it is ok to use it. During the process of cleaning you would not be able to use the bathroom so kindly keep that in mind.
I am not happy with the service. What can I do?
If you are not happy with the delivery of the service or the professionals assigned to you through the Urban Company app or the website in any way, give us a call. Our customer care support team will find the best solution to your problem.
What is soap scum?
Soap scum is the hard white solid material that forms when the soap comes in contact with hard water. Soap contains fatty acids and the hard water is rich in salts such as zinc and magnesium which reacts with it to form soap scum. Cleaning agents can help remove it easily.
Are the bathroom cleaning agents pet friendly?
Yes they are. They are professional grade and extremely safe for pets.
What can be the reasons for stains on my bathroom floor?
No matter how much you clean it, ceramic tiles cannot be pristine forever. It will develop stains over time and dirt deposits. They need regular cleaning to stay clean.
Why are there scratches on my toilet seat?
Regular usage causes wear and tear of the toilet seat as it is made of plastic mostly. White toilet seats show more signs of wear and tear than a dark colored toilet seat.
I have a foul smell in my bathroom despite a freshner. Why?
Foul smell in a bathroom can also be attributed to poor sewage system. Keeping the bathroom clean is also important along with a freshener. Most of the fresheners in the market do not eliminate the source of the smell and may just get mixed up with it to create something that can be unpleasant smelling.
What is the basic cleaning that I can do to maintain my bathroom?
Basic cleaning should be taken up on a daily basis or a weekly basis to maintain your bathroom and the hygiene of it. Things that you can do: Do not let any standing water collect in the bathroom, wipe the floors always after use, clean the toilet with a brush or just liquid disinfectant and also scrub the seat, use a toilet flush cleaner that self cleans after every flush, clean all bottles, soap stands etc. with detergent or liquid soap.
Why is washing the shower curtain important?
Shower curtains do not repel dirt and get dirty with regular usage. It is a good hygienic practice to clean them regularly especially because they are easy to clean.
About Bathroom Cleaning
Bathroom Deep Cleaning in Guwahati, India
Owning a luxurious and highly functional bathroom is not an unattainable dream anymore, but what may still concern you is its cleaning and general maintenance. Just a room with a sink, bathtub and shower is not enough; it requires deep cleaning and high maintenance to reflect the luxury and health you always wanted. And, deep bathroom cleaning requires professional tools and expertise which is not easy to find. Urban Company, as a solution, provides you with a common platform to get in touch with the best bathroom cleaners in Guwahati, India to help you maintain the hygiene of your bathroom.
3 Reasons to Book a Professional Bathroom Cleaning Service
Maintain Hygiene: Cleaning your bathroom is important because of the hygiene reasons; you don’t want bacteria spreading through your home that can be prevented by deep clean.
Prevent Foul Smell:Due to the high moisture content and the items that we store there, the bathroom will begin to smell musty and dirty. Hence, it gets important to book a professional bathroom cleaning service.
Save Time and Money: When not properly maintained, bathrooms can become a nuisance to clean because stains and dirt can quickly build up. If cleaned correctly, facilities can avoid problems, such as rust stains and mold on the floors, sinks, and toilets, which can result in having to replace these fixtures sooner than normal. Professional bathroom deep cleaning and maintenance can save valuable time and money.
When should you book a Bathroom Deep Cleaning service?
Every month, to keep your bathrooms clean and sanitized.
Before moving into a new home or after renovation work.
Before or after a party or get together.
Why Urban Company?
Trained Technicians:All Urban Company professionals are trained technicians and are taken through levels of quality checks before getting on board with us, to ensure the quality of work.
Hygiene: While providing you with quality service, we never let your hygiene suffer at any point- with the use of bathroom cleaning tools and professional grade chemicals.
Customer Protection against damage: With Urban Company you get customer protection coverage up to Rs. 10000 against any damage on every booking.
Flexibility: Urban Company lets you get the entire bathroom deep cleaning service at your doorstep, at your chosen time and place without bothering to budge.
What does our Bathroom Deep Cleaning include?
Cleaning of Floor, WC Seat and Washbasin using cleaning agents and disinfecting chemicals
Cleaning of all bathroom fittings using professional grade chemicals
Cleaning of mirrors, windows, doors, exhaust fan and geyser
What are the Equipment and Chemicals used?
Chemical: Professional grade chemicals by Taski
Equipment Used: Hand scrubber, microfiber duster & wipers
*Prices may vary during sale time.
What other Cleaning services does Urban Company offer?
Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning service in Guwahati, India
Professional Car Cleaning service in Guwahati, India
Professional Sofa Cleaning service in Guwahati, India
Professional Carpet Cleaning service in Guwahati, India
Professional Home Deep Cleaning service in Guwahati, India
Have friends in Dubai who hate cleaning their bathroom ? They can now sit back and relax with Urban Company’s bathroom cleaning services in Dubai
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