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Native RO Water Purifier

RO Water Purifiers

Pure water, Pure innovation.

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A design & engineering marvel

purest RO water purifier
First time in India

Service required only once every 2 years

Save up to ₹18,000 on the total ownership & service cost over the years.

double filter life
Filters that last for 2 years
multi stage purification system
10-stage purification system
free filter replacment and servicing with FDA compliant
US FDA compliant
Free 2 year RO water purifer servicing

Superior purification


water purification

Highly purified water charged with copper and infused with alkaline and mineral.


pure water

With a featured UV light inside the water tank, the water is disinfected of any bacteria & viruses which can cause water-borne diseases.


filter life

Superior Filtration, Smart Rinse & Multi-micron Technology ensure the filters give you pure water for 2 years without needing service.

FDA standardISI StandardISO standandROHS standard

The Native M1 & M2 comply with US FDA (Food & Drug Administration), BIS and RoHs regulations. They are also tested & passed as per Indian Standard IS 10500:2012 (Drinking Water).

Smart monitoring with UC app

filter health tracking in android and iOS app

We keep track of water & filter quality

alerts when your TDS is low

We send alerts when a service is due

Thoughtfully crafted for a great experience

One-touch dispensing

Glass filling, bottle filling or free-flow, let the automatic water dispensing feature do it all for you!


Guide light

The light glows during dispensing, which helps you fill water in the dark.

Retractable tray

Retractable tray

Use the retractable tray for hands-free bottle filling.

Taster adjester

Taste adjuster

We'll set up the TDS value of the Water Purifier to match your taste preference.

storage capacity

8L storage capacity

Large storage capacity so you don't have to wait for water.

2-year unconditional warranty with zero maintenance cost

Save more than ₹3,000 every year on service costs.

best warranty for water purifier
Free RO water purifier filter

Free filter replacement for 2 years

Zero visitation charge

No service charges for 2 years

Quick servicing for filter

2-hour service delivery

Elevates the look of your kitchen

best ro water purifier in kitchen
10 stage filter for good water quality

Cost that's incomparable

Save up to ₹18,000 on the total ownership & service cost over the years.

Native Water Purifier


RO Cost


Upto ₹22,000

Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4

Not required


Year 5



Year 6

Not required


Year 7

& onwards



Total Cost


Savings of ₹18,000


* UC Native Water Purifier M1 model starts at ₹12,999

Our models

M1 water purifier


Equally good with the essentials.

M2 water purifier


All the features & beyond.

Other RO water purifier brands

Other brands

Models comparable to M2

Upto ₹22,000

Tank capacity




Filter life

2 years

2 years

Best quality RO filters


2-year warranty

Free filter & membrane changes. No service & maintenance cost

2-year warranty

Free filter & membrane changes. No service & maintenance cost

1-year warranty

Non-comprehensive. 1-year warranty for electrical parts and defects only


9 stages

RO + UV + UF + MTDS Alkaline & minerals

10 stages

RO + UV + UF + MTDS Copper-charged, minerals & alkaline.

6-8 stages

RO + UV + UF + MTDS + Copper

Retractable tray

Black retractable tray to keep bottle
Black tray for easily keeping utensils
Retractable tray to keep glass

Ring LED

LED light in the ring
LED light to get feedback
best quality water purifier

Enhanced minerals

added alkaline in purified water
Infused with alkaline and minerals
Copper and minerals enhanced RO purified water
Copper-charged & infused with alkaline and minerals
Perfect pH levels

Touch pad controls

Mechanical button to get water
Control water options via touchpad
Single press swith to enable purifier

Preset Dispensing modes

Simple swith to get purified water
3 options for purified water
Glass, bottle & free-flow
One single tap to get filtered water

Smart app monitoring

IOT enabled data in Urban Company app
Get RO water purifier TDS data in app
Smart app monitoring with Urban Company app
All filter related data present in app


Blinking LED light for IOT
LED light feedback while purification
Guide light which glows during dispensing
Simple purification method

Dimensions for both M1 and M2 RO water purifier


  • Why is Urban Company entering the Water Purifier products space?

    After servicing over 10 Lakh Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers of every possible brand, such as - Kent Water Purifier, Aquaguard Water Purifier, Livpure Water Purifier, PureIT Water Purifier, and LG Water Purifier- we discovered that the high cost of maintaining a water purifier was due to the frequent wear and tear of filters, leading to expensive yearly RO water purifier maintenance costs. We knew we had to change this. We also knew that the water purifier market was dominated by big brands such as Kent RO, which charged high annual maintenance prices and operated through intermediaries, which only added to the cost. In 2019, we took the first step by manufacturing our water purifier filters and membranes, and by 2021, we had served over 2 Lac customers with our UC-branded filters and membranes. This experience gave us the knowledge and expertise to build the machine's heart; now, we only needed to build the machine's skeleton. So, we partnered with experts and did extensive research & development for 1+ years to create the best water purifier in India with long-lasting filters and membranes that need less servicing, saving customers thousands of rupees annually. We aim to provide you with the best water purifier for home. Not only that, they come at the best water purifier prices.

  • Does the Native M2 Water Purifier require a power supply to dispense water?

    Yes, an active power supply would be required.

  • Will Native by Urban Company RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers be available on marketplaces?

    Yes, we will soon be live in popular marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Croma.

  • What is the maximum TDS for which Native by UC Water Purifier will work?

    We have designed our water purifier to work effectively for all urban areas. Basis our understanding of TDS quality in Urban Areas the machine is designed to work very effectively up to 2000 ppm TDS, where output water quality will be < 200 ppm TDS. For areas where the TDS levels are higher than 2000 ppm TDS, the life of the membrane will decrease. It's not recommended to install Native Water purifiers for TDS levels above 2000 if you are looking for output water with TDS <= 100 ppm.

  • What is included when I purchase a Native by UC RO Water Purifier?

    Here are the inclusions of the box - water purifier, installation kit & external sediment filter. The exclusions of the box are - a booster pump and a pressure-reducing valve. These excluded items should be purchased as per the requirement.

  • What are the installation charges, and what items are covered in installation?

    The installation and the installation kit are free, although UC does not cover any electrical or plumbing costs during installation. If the input pressure exceeds 30 PSI, please install a company-provided Pressure Reducing Valve at an additional cost of ₹700. If the pressure is below 10 PSI, please install a Pressure Enhancing Kit at an additional cost of Rs 2000.

  • Will UC charge for the uninstallation of my old Water Purifier?

    No, the uninstallation of the old Water Purifier will be done free of cost.

  • Where was the Native by UC RO Water Purifier manufactured? Is Native by Urban Company Water Purifier trustworthy?

    Urban Company has partnered with India's Top OEM to engineer our ro+uv water purifier machines from scratch, i.e., from machine design to customized water filters followed by their assembly in our state-of-the-art partner facility. We underwent a rigorous and long R&D process to manufacture the product.

  • What is the 7-day return policy for the Native RO Water Purifier?

    We provide a no questions asked return policy within 7 days of the free water purifier machine installation.

  • Is there a minimum height for the water tank?

    Yes, your tank must be at least 10 feet above the ground.

  • Will the Native by UC purifier prove to be beneficial in conserving water?

    Yes, the water purifier machine comes with an extendable pipe to reuse water for other applications.

  • What are the dimensions of the machine?

    The dimensions of Native M1 & Native M2 are the same, i.e. L = 547, W = 335 & D = 252 (top panel; measurements in mm).

  • What is covered under the 2-year unconditional warranty?

    This warranty is one of a kind and not offered by any other brand in the market. It covers any filter, membrane, and electrical part cost for 2 years. It also includes any service or visit costs for 2 years. Lastly, it is applicable within 2 years from your purchase date. It is the best water purifier warranty you will get on the market.

  • How are our water filters for home different from the others?

    Unlike the usual machine filters in the market, we have developed filters and membranes that can run for 2 years without needing servicing. This is because Superior Filtration, Rapid Reverse Rinse and Multi-micron filter technology power our Native RO+UV Water Purifier machines.

  • How can I ensure the smooth functioning of the IoT-enabled Smart Water Purifier - Native M2?

    1. Ensure you have a 2.4 GHz wifi connection. 2. Ensure the distance between the smartphone and the purifier should be less than 5 meters at the time of connecting the IoT

  • What is the price of our water purifiers?

    The introductory Native M1 RO Water Purifier price is ₹12,999 & introductory Native M2 RO Water Purifier price is ₹16,999

Our Story

Native RO Water Purifier

Native offers you pristine drinking water in an effortless manner.

Our efforts date back to 2019 when after servicing 10 lakh+ RO Water Purifiers, we learned that consumers spent thousands on servicing their RO Water Purifiers every year and that an efficient and durable RO Purifier is the need of the hour.

Hence, after 3+ years of starting our R&D process, we created a water purifier with long-lasting filters - guaranteed to last 2 years, unlike other brands with new-age smart features. With an extended lifecycle of filters & 2-year unconditional warranty, this became our endeavour to develop an unparalleled water purifier.

Native Water Purifier by Urban Company

Being an advanced multi-stage water purifier machine, it holds the capacity to offer you rich & crystal clear water. The water undergoes 10 stages of purification in this machine which makes it one of the best water purifiers for home. It offers multiple features like preset modes, tap LED, retractable tray, Manual TDS Controller (MTDS Adjuster) and what not.

It can be classified into different categories like being a Charged with Copper RO, a RO+UF Water Purifier or even an alkaline RO water purifier. Lastly, you can even get the best possible RO water purifier price and save up to ₹18,000/- on the total ownership cost over the years. So, the decision is all yours now! It is a water filter for home at the best water filter price.

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