Why Is Your AC Not Turning On?

It’s a hot summer day and you want to just chill but your AC refuses to turn on? Don’t worry, this article will help you understand why your AC is not turning on and what can you do to fix it.

Here are three reasons why your AC might not be turning on:

1. Defective Power Supply

Check your AC’s power point or stabilizer and check if it’s giving AC 220 volt output to the AC. This is an indication of a defective power supply or a faulty stabilizer. A loose connection, burnt power board, tripped MCB or an internal defect in the circuit can all lead to a faulty voltage supply to the AC, causing it to not turn on. 

Solution: Book an expert electrician from Urban Company who will inspect the problem with your power supply or voltage output and resolve the problem for you.

2. Broken PCB or LVT Circuit

Check the display of your AC. Is it not turning on even after pressing the power button on the display panel or on the remote? This is an indication of a broken PCB or LVT circuit which causes a hindrance in turning your AC on.

Solution: Book an expert AC technician who will figure out if the PCB board needs replacement or repair to resolve this issue.

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3. Problem with the Motor Van

Lastly, check if there’s any error code flashing on the display. This happens when sensors or any other electrical components like the fan motor or step valve stops working in the AC.

Solution: Based on the error code, your AC technician can resolve this issue by replacing the faulty components.

Hope this article helped you understand the reasons behind your AC not turning on. You can book an expert technician from UC right now – just head over to the app and book your AC serviced or repaired right away!

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