Why Is Your AC Leaking?

To find your AC leaking water can be quite an embarrassing situation. Not only that, it is also a worrisome issue, considering that we all spend our hard-earned money on buying a top quality air conditioner.

This article will help you understand why your split AC is leaking.

ACs mostly face three kinds of leakages: 

  • From the front
  • From the back 
  • From the drain pipe

Let’s discuss these in detail to identify the exact problem with your AC and help you resolve the issue.

Why is your AC leaking from the front?

1. Lack of regular AC servicing

Lack of regular AC servicing causes dust to block the drain tray, resulting in water leaking from the front instead of from the drain pipe. 

Solution: Cleaning the drain tray by booking UC’s AC servicing can solve this problem.

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2. Damaged Drain Pipe

Water can also leak from the front when your drain pipe is bent or damaged or when the AC hasn’t been installed properly. 

Solution: In this case, a readjustment of the drain pipe or reinstallation of the indoor unit is required.

3. Vacuum created in the pipe

If you’re not emptying the bucket in time, it results in a vacuum getting created in the pipe, thus also leading to leakage. 

Solution: Simply cleaning out the bucket regularly is the solution here.

4. Low gas pressure or Heavy blockage in indoor unit

This results in ice formation on the coil, thus leading to water leaking from the front.

Solution: Booking a servicing and gas filling service will definitely fix this problem.

Why is your AC leaking from the back?

Now look at the wall side of your AC. Is water leaking from there? This issue usually occurs if the back side of the drain tray gets clogged due to dust and other impurities. 

Solution: Cleaning the back drain tray by booking a servicing can resolve this problem.

Why is your leaking from the drain pipe?

If you notice water leaking from the drain pipe, this could be due to cracks in the drain pipe or loose connecting joints. 

Solution: Replacing or readjusting the drain pipe can fix this issue.

Hope this article helped you understand the reasons behind the water leakage problem in your AC. If you want to get this problem fixed immediately, then head over to the UC app and book an expert technician right away.

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