What Happens After You Book an Urban Company AC Service

Did you just book Urban Company’s AC services? If yes, you will find this short post useful. And even if you haven’t yet, you might in the ...

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Did you just book Urban Company’s AC services? If yes, you will find this short post useful. And even if you haven’t yet, you might in the future. We do things differently than most AC service companies in India. While these ways have been devised to ensure a quality, hassle-free service, it does leave many of our customer slightly confused.

Which is why we thought of walking you through this step-by-step guide of what happens after you’ve placed a request:

You Booked an AC Service? Great! Here’s What Happens Next

Step #1. Your Booking Is Confirmed

After you’ve placed a request on the app, you will receive a confirmation through SMS and/or email about the date and time of your service. This message will also include the details of the AC technician assigned to your case.

Step #2. The Assigned AC Technician Arrives for the Service

The assigned AC technician will arrive at the appointed time. A unique code will be SMS’d or emailed to you. Share this the technician so that he can start the service.

In case you’ve booked AC servicing: The technician will use a special jet spray to remove debris from the coils and filters.

In case of AC repairs: The technician will first diagnose the problem and recommend the repairs needed.

Step #3. Payment Link is Sent to You

After the service has been completed you will receive an invoice with a payment link. You can choose to pay online or by cash. Just be sure to mark your preference on the app.

Step #4. A Rating & Review Request is Sent Too

You will also receive a follow-up email or SMS regarding your Urban Company experience. Do leave a rating and a review, since it helps us improve our services.

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Things Every Urban Company Customer Should Know

As AC repair and servicing experts, there are important things we’ve observed and learnt along the way that we’d like all our customers to know. Here’s what they are:

#1. AC Servicing is NOT a Substitute for Repairs

In case your AC is not cooling properly it needs to be repaired. Servicing will not make it cool better. On the other hand, not fixing repairs in time could lead to bigger problems.

#2. Listen to your Technician. Get All the Repairs Done.

We can’t stress on this more. Please agree to all the repairs suggested by the technician. It will prolong your AC’s life and ensure the best cooling. All our technicians are experienced professionals, and strictly follow expert-developed guidelines. So trust us – your AC is in the best hands.

#3. There’s No Such Thing as ‘Gas Top-Ups’

Gas top-ups are a myth. The gas in your AC is supposed to last its lifetime, so if there is a gas shortage, it is mostly due to a leak. In this case, our gas recharge specialists will repair the leakage before refilling the gas.   

#4. Gas Refills Are Best Fixed by Specialists

Our technician will let us – and you –  know in case your AC requires a gas recharge. In this case we will send a gas recharge specialist to fix the leakage and refill the gas, without any extra charge. Since gas refills are a risky business we have specialists to handle such cases.

In case you have any doubts, feel free to reach us here.

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