Summer 101: How To Smell Great All The Time

  Some people always smell good, no matter what the conditions around them. Want to know their secret? Here’s your guide to smelling great all the time: Sniff ...

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Some people always smell good, no matter what the conditions around them. Want to know their secret? Here’s your guide to smelling great all the time:

  1. Sniff Wisely

    Purchasing your signature scent is not a decision to be taken lightly. When you first visit a store, test the scent on your skin and let it breathe. Give it some time to check how long the scent actually stays on your skin and how well it meshes and layers with the other products in your beauty repertoire. If you’re pleased with the results, go ahead and buy the perfume for your signature scent!

  2. Beware The Garlic

    When it comes to your scent, it helps to not have a body odour. To ensure this, be careful of what you eat! A diet full of onions, garlic and spice can add an unpleasant odor through all your pores. In fact, most food affects your body odour and the way your perfume reacts with your skin. Hence, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to smell great naturally.

  3. Stay Hydrated

    Make water your new best friend in order to keep your skin moisturized and give your perfume something to adhere to, for a longer lasting scent. Dry skin can absorb the perfume and cause it to dissipate more quickly.

  4. The Count of Maintaining Clothes

    The way you maintain your clothes makes a major difference in how you smell. Tide, Ariel, Wheel or Rin all come in many different scents and if you choose the right one, it can leave your wardrobe and you feeling fresh and smelling great! Try to choose the variation that you are comfortable with and that meshes well with the perfume of your choice.

  5. Health Is Hygiene

    This should be a no-brainer but maintaining a good standard of hygiene is absolutely necessary for your body. You probably remember the rules from childhood – change your clothes at least once in two days, try and take a bath every day, brush your teeth daily and as Ash’s Mom is fond of reminding him, change your you-know-whats everyday without fail.

  6. Shoo The Shoe Odor Away

    Summers can be hard on your feet and your shoes. To prevent and get rid of the nasty odor, simply sprinkle some talcum powder in your shoes before you don them. If your shoes are already emanating the terrible, horrible, no good shoe odor, this simple DIY can help you out:

  7. Learn To Layer

    Choosing your perfume is not enough. Your bath and beauty regime involves a lot of products and you can layer them in such a way that their scents add up for a skin deep, long-lasting scent. After all, nowadays, scents come in all shapes, sizes and products – bath gels, oils, soaps, salts , essential oils and much more! Just make sure that the combination works in a good way 🙂

  8. Spray Specifically

    Where you spray the perfume can make all the difference. For the full benefit of the beautiful scent of your perfume, apply it on all the right places. Pulse points like wrists, armpits, pubic hair region, on the nape of your neck, behind your ears,  and other warm areas like the small of your back and your ankles.

    This might seem like a lot of perfume, however, spritz the perfume half an hour before you leave and a little away from your body. This will allow the scent to settle over your body and not inundate the person next to you in a torrent of perfume so you can enjoy long lasting perfume for a delightful day.

  9. Don’t Rub After The Spray

    Spray the perfume on all the right places or mist it into the air and walk through it but don’t rub it in! When you rub the perfume after you’ve sprayed it on, you’re helping your skin absorb it causing it to dissipate faster. This has an additional drawback of erasing the top notes of your perfume – remember, each perfume is a delicate balance of layered scents – messing with the combination can leave you with an incomplete scent that might not even seem like what you bought in the first place.

  10. And Refresh

    Always carry a little perfume around with you and re-apply your perfume one to three times per day and smell great all the time!

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