Meet our 15 PSOP awardee partners!

Stories about our 15 partners who are among the first in Urban Company to win PSOPs.   Anil Singh Yadav, Cleaning, Hyderabad Anil used to earlier work as a security ...

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Anil Singh Yadav, Cleaning, Hyderabad

Anil Singh Yadav

Anil used to earlier work as a security guard, where he used to do a 12-hour shift every day. Even then, he was just earning just ₹15,000 and found it difficult to make ends meet.

He finally joined Urban Company in 2019, after which his monthly earnings have doubled to at least ₹30,000-₹40,000.

Not only that, Anil has also been able to buy himself a bike and feels that he no longer has to worry about small, daily household expenses that used to keep him awake earlier.

Anil tells us that after joining UC, he pays more attention to his grooming and likes this version of himself today. Wish you all the best, Anil!

Bantana Rekha, Salon Classic, Noida

Bantana Rekha

Rekha used to work at a salon where she would earn ₹15,000-₹17,000 with incentives. She would even work overtime without extra compensation. Due to this, her husband had to quit his job to look after their baby.

However, things changed completely when Rekha joined UC. She now earns up to ₹50,000-₹60,000 every month. Even when there are less jobs, she is able to earn about ₹40,000.

Today, Rekha is an exceptional 5 star-rated professional who says that she does not have to worry about small expenses anymore. In fact, she is able to send money to her in-laws!

More importantly, Rekha has been able to enroll her child in a good school. And as she can now choose her work hours, her husband has picked up a job and they are now a double income family. We applaud UC partner Rekha’s growth!

Brundha R., Salon Luxe, Bengaluru

Brundha R.

One of our star partners with a 4.96 rating, Brundha joined Urban Company in 2019 after shutting down her own salon where she was spending all her time but was not able to make much profit.

After joining UC, her monthly earnings rose to ₹1L-₹1.5L and she feels like she’s running her own business, but with even more flexibility.

Brundha has now booked an apartment for her family and feels proud to be a UC partner.

What makes her the happiest is knowing that her children are also proud that their mother is independent and is capable of achieving whatever it is that she wants to. Well done, Brundha!

Ekta Avdesh Pandey, Salon Classic, Ahmedabad

Ekta Pandey

Ekta joined Urban Company in 2019. She used to earlier work at a parlour, where she was only earning ₹10,000 and had to spend the whole day at the salon, even though there wasn’t much work.

At UC, Ekta’s earnings have grown four times to at least ₹40,000 per month and she is happier than ever.

Ekta has even bought a new apartment for her family and feels proud to be independent and working by her own will.

She takes delight in serving her customers to the best of her abilities, which shows in her stellar rating of 4.91. Kudos to you, Ekta!

Elisian Mawii, Spa for Women, Bengaluru

Elisian Mawii

Elisian used to earlier work as a spa professional at a resort, where she was earning ₹35,000 at the time.

When she heard good stories about Urban Company from her peers, she decided that she too wanted to improve her way of her life and wanted to grow in her chosen field as a professional.

And so, she joined UC in 2019. Elisian is one of the top performers here at UC, with a rating of 4.95.

Today, she earns around ₹90,000-₹1L, and sometimes even more, and is able to send money to her family.

More importantly, she has been able to improve her standard of living and grow stupendously, so much so that Elisian’s sister has followed her footsteps to join UC herself. Well done, Elisian!

Lamneichong Vaiphei (Julie), Spa for Women, Bengaluru

Lamneichong Vaiphei (Julie)

Julie’s growth story has been phenomenal. Before joining UC, she actually worked as a hairdresser, earning ₹15,000 monthly. However, she was unable to manage her household due to the long work hours and had to eventually leave.

Even though she approached UC to join a different field — that of spa & massage — she was confident that she wanted join the platform because she would get to choose her own timings here. The best part is that UC welcomed Julie into its fold, training her thoroughly in various spa techniques.

She eventually joined UC in January 2021 and in a matter of a year, is a top performer with a 4.93 rating. Her earnings have also risen phenomenally to around ₹90,000-₹1L.

The best part is that Julie is now able to give time to her family as well, besides growing professionally. Kudos, Julie!

Mohd Parvez, Large Appliances Repair, Hyderabad

Mohd. Parvez

A 4.91-rated partner, Parvez has been an Urban Company professional for a stellar 6 years!

Before joining UC, Parvez used to run his own repair business, where he had a group of technicians working along with him. He was able to make a profit of around ₹1L every month but due to some problems, his business eventually shut down.

At UC, Parvez earns around ₹60,000- ₹70,000 monthly. As per him, it’s still like running his own business but without having to foot major business expenses like office rent etc.

Parvez also feels that at UC, he has job security and has been able to get work even when people were losing their jobs.

He now has time to spend time with family and also feels like a respected professional. Well done, Parvez!

Sachin Vaid, Massage for Men, Chandigarh

Sachin Vaid

One of our top-rated partners with a 4.96 rating, Sachin is a true rock star.

He used to earlier work at a salon, where he was earning ₹15,000 monthly and was quite overworked.

To change his circumstances, Sachin finally joined UC in the massage category in August 2019, and was able to double his earnings.

Not only that, Sachin now has complete flexibility of work and is able to give time to his family.

He has been able to buy an air conditioner for his family and gift an Activa to his sister. Sachin loves being his own boss at UC! And we are proud of his success!

Seeta Somimagar, Salon Prime, Gurgaon

Seeta Somimagar

With a phenomenal 4.96 rating, Seeta has been a star partner at Urban Company for the last 3 years.

She was an all-rounder even at the highly-reputed salon she worked at earlier (specializing in laser therapy, facials etc.), earning ₹25,000 per month and working fixed hours, from 10 am to 7 pm.

When her salon closed shop, Seeta joined UC in 2019. Here, her earnings rose to ₹60,000-₹70,000 per month. She has even earned up to ₹1L- ₹1.5L some months. Even though she was asked to rejoin her previous salon, Seeta chose to stay with UC as she is able to manage her work independently.

The best part is that Seeta has bought herself an apartment in Gurgaon and has been able to afford her daughter’s hotel management course from IHM, Delhi. Way to go, Seeta!

Syed Sajid, AC Service & Repair, Hyderabad

Syed Sajid

With a 4.94 rating, Sajid is a coveted Urban Company partner, who joined the platform 4 years ago.

Before UC, Sajid worked long hours at a small repair shop, where he was earning only ₹10,000-₹15,000 monthly.

At UC, Sajid’s average monthly earnings have gone up to ₹70,000-₹80,000. Even during the off-season, he is able to earn between ₹50,000-₹60,000.

Having been able to improve his earnings and work environment, Sajid has been able to buy a car, build a two-storey house and even take care of his brother’s wedding experiences. Way to go, Sajid!

S. Narasimha Reddy, Plumbing, Bengaluru

S. Narasimha Reddy

Before joining Urban Company, Narasimha Reddy used to work with a similar platform and was earning around ₹70,000 monthly. However, he wanted to grow furthermore, and after coming in touch with some UC partners, became confident of seeing that growth at UC.

And so, Narasimha joined UC as a plumber in 2019, and is today a highly-rated partner with a 4.94 rating.

At UC, Narasimha’s earnings have risen to ₹1L and sometimes even more. He has been able to buy himself a car and is now planning to purchase a house for his family.

But more than that, Narasimha is happy to be treated with respect as a professional and to see the growth that he was hoping for. We are proud of you, Narasimha!

Jafar, Men’s Grooming, Lucknow


Jafar used to work as a barber at a small salon, where he was earning about ₹25,000. Back then, he also faced some financial issues in the family and had to take a loan.

In 2020, when lockdowns were imposed owing to Covid-19, the salon where Jafar worked shut down and he was left without a job or income.

That is when Jafar decided to join UC and ever since, not only have his earnings risen to ₹40,000-₹50,000, but Jafar has done really well for himself, being a 4.93-rated partner.

Jafar has been able to pay off his loan, resolve his family issues as a result and also buy land. His parents are happy that Jafar is a UC professional. And so are we!

Kiran Chetry, Salon Prime, Hyderabad

Kiran Chetry

When Kiran used to work at a salon before joining Urban Company, she was earning ₹25,000 and would work 12 hours a day. She was also going through a lot of personal tough times back then.

Soon, one of her customers recommended UC and on her insistence, Kiran joined the platform in June 2019. Ever since, her earnings have not only grown multifold, but she’s able to save the same amount she was earning before — ₹25,000!

A 4.96-rated professional, Kiran has also been able to buy a scooty for her brother and has helped him set up a small shop.

She is soon getting married and has a goal to foot the expenses of her wedding herself. You inspire us, Kiran!

Pratima Shaw, Salon Classic, Kolkata

Pratima Shaw

Pratima used to work 10–11 hours at a salon, and even then would earn just ₹10,000, thereby barely able to make ends meet. She hoped if she could only make her income grow and be able to give her family quality time.

That is when Pratima’s colleague joined UC and recommended the platform to her. Pratima joined UC in 2019 and is grateful to have all her dreams come true ever since.

Today, Pratima is a top performer with a 4.91 rating, is able to earn ₹40,000-₹50,000 and her financial condition has improved a lot. She has cleared all her loans and her standard of living has improved.

Pratima has been able to buy a scooty for herself and is now looking forward to getting her son admitted in a good school. We wish Pratima all the best!

Anjali Boro, Salon Prime, Bengaluru

Anjali Boro

Anjali used to work in a parlour and was not able to earn more than ₹20,000, even after working extra hours and weekends.

Her life changed in 2017 when a friend suggested she join UC. Her earnings jumped up to a lac and now she easily saves approximately ₹50,000 every month!

Apart from funding her brother’s wedding, she has managed to buy gold for her mother, and is a financial support for her parents as well. She also bought land and dreams to build a small house for herself and family soon.

She feels proud to be financially independent and help out with expenses and considers joining UC the best decision of her life — something she never regrets. Well done, Anjali!

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