Know How Your Split System Air Conditioner Works?


Everyone is aware of the two main types of air conditioners available in the market: split system air conditioners and window air conditioning units. Though there are several other kinds being launched, these two continue to dominate our choice. Here in this post, we have explained in detail about how your split system air conditioner works.

Split system air conditioners now capture almost 70% of the market as people prefer them in comparison to the window models. We, as buyers, are only concerned about the latest technologies offered in split ACs. To know why a split system air conditioner is called so, it is important to understand its functionality. Regular servicing and air conditioner maintenance is important to avoid heavy expenses later.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Split System Air Conditioner

In this post we will cover some basic points like:

  • How does a split system air conditioner work
  • Why are they called split ACs
  • Difference between a split and a packaged unit

1. How does a split system air conditioner work?

  • The outdoor unit of a split system air conditioner contains the refrigerant. The refrigerant is a gas pressurised into the compressor. There are many ducts or tubes in a ducted air conditioning unit through which the gas passes. This later condenses into liquid form.
  • This liquid then passes through the expansion joint and gets converted into a gaseous state. This releases a large amount of heat in the process.
  • The resultant gas is used for cooling the air at a very low temperature and hence called the refrigerant. This is a cyclic process which continues as the gas flows back into the compressor. The air of your room passes through the cavity containing evaporator coils. These coils contain gas at extremely low temperatures, thus cooling the air.
  • The thermostat present inside air conditioning units controls the temperature and the air continues to stay in the evaporator area till the desired temperature is obtained. It is then blown into the room.

Thus, your split system air conditioner sucks in the warm air and lowers its temperature before blowing it back into the room. The moisture inside the room condenses in the process, which is then removed through a drain pipe present in the outdoor unit. If the cooling of your air conditioning unit is affected, it means that there is something wrong in the condenser component, for which you can get professional help from the AC repair services offered by Urban Company.


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2. Why are they called Split ACs?

They are called split system air conditioners for the very simple reason that they have two components. There is a cabinet made of metal placed outside while the other part known as the air handler, containing the evaporator coil, is inside. The outdoor unit contains the condenser as well as the compressor, and both these parts are connected to each other using a pipe or a duct. In case of central air conditioning, there are a number of ducts used to connect different rooms, with the bigger unit placed outdoors. Almost all the central air conditioning units are split as they are more energy-efficient. The Split system air conditioner repair service is also much easier and cheaper in comparison to that of the packaged units.

Now that you have understood how a split system air conditioner works, it is equally important to learn what differentiates them from a single packaged unit.

3. Difference between split and packaged unit

  • The main difference between a packaged unit system and a split system air conditioner lies in its construction. The packaged unit contains all its components placed together in a single unit. This means all the parts including the thermostat, condenser, compressor and evaporator are present in the same metallic cabinet.
  • The split unit is more of a space saver and easy to install as it can be placed anywhere in your basement or simply on the other side of the wall. On the other hand, you need a proper roof location for the placement of the packaged unit in case of central air-conditioning.
  • Packaged air conditioning units consume more power in comparison to the split unit.
  • Most of the brands are now offering Inverter technology in their split systems, making the air conditioning units more energy-efficient and super quiet. The inverter split ACs also have the capability of handling voltage or current fluctuations, unlike the packaged units.
  • The air handler of the split systems is installed indoors to enhance the life-span of the AC filters and evaporator coils.
  • If there is a need for the AC’s repair, you need not have the technician enter your home. Depending on the issue, repairs can be made directly to the outdoor unit without any disturbance inside.


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If you want to understand the working of your split system air conditioner in further detail, then go ahead and register on Urban Company. The qualified and experienced professionals on Urban Company will give you an inside look into the functioning of the AC. If you are facing some trouble in your split AC, then all you need to do is go to our website or our mobile app and tell the issue that you are facing and a convenient date and time. Our expert and verified professionals will come to your home and fix your broken air conditioning unit.



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