Is laser hair removal permanent, safe, effective? – My first-hand review

Almost 15 years back, while studying in college, I read about lasers and wondered – “Is laser hair removal permanent or temporary?” I had tried various methods like epilators, razors, creams ...

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Almost 15 years back, while studying in college, I read about lasers and wondered – “Is laser hair removal permanent or temporary?” I had tried various methods like epilators, razors, creams but results of every solution lasted for just 7-10 days. 

But with age, the frequency of hair removal sessions increased and so did my urge to bid goodbye to the tiny pricks all over the body. 

So, how did I decide on laser hair removal services at home?

The idea of bidding adieu to unwanted hair always appealed to me. It was a dream to wake up to silky, smooth skin every single day. But I was a little apprehensive about permanent hair removal by laser. 

I read loads of reviews on laser hair removal at home when I finally came across a friend who had tried laser treatments. After a lot of discussions and counter arguments, she finally convinced me that laser hair removal at home is possible and it is absolutely safe and a painless way. 

Here I am sharing a clear picture of laser vs waxing. 

Permanent hair removal by Laser v. Waxing
Laser Hair Removal Permanent
Pain Levels
Easier and 10x less painful Very Painful
Per Session Time
30-60 minutes 20-45 minutes
Long term Result
Permanently hair free

Regrowth in 2-4 weeks

Short Term Result
6-8 sessions required for absolutely smooth skin

Smooth skin immediately

Expensive initially but cheaper in long term

Turns out expensive because of recurring cost for a lifetime. 


I immediately checked online and came across Urban Company’s at-home laser for hair removal services. Their reviews were amazing and their trial offers for underarms were very lucrative. So, I was finally ready to take that plunge. 

Which areas should you try first?

It was during summers, when I sweat the most, that my underarm hair bothered me the most. The stubble that grew every 10-15 days and the prickly sensation after using a razor was really irritating. So, I decided to get laser hair removal of my underarms first. 

Also, I noticed that the laser hair removal for underarms was available at discounted prices on Urban Company.  I booked a trial session on the Urban Company App and an experienced Skin Expert contacted me. She asked a few questions about my medical history and then she patiently answered a ton of queries I had in my mind. From precautions to be taken before the laser hair reduction to the preparations and the post care I need to take, I asked her all. 

How to prepare for the at-home laser hair removal session?

No preparation is required, however the skin expert asked me to take a few precautions a week before getting the laser hair removal service:

  • Avoid waxing, tweezing, or threading a week before your appointment.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure leading to tanning or sunburn for a week leading to your appointment.
  • Avoid using topical creams, perfumes, chemical peels on the area to be treated.

How was the experience of laser hair removal at home? 

The Urban Company partner came exactly at the scheduled time. She was well equipped with every little thing required for the laser hair removal session at home. 

I could never imagine that a laser machine approved by the FDA could be portable. She sanitized everything properly before starting the session.

She gave me a black robe to change into and an eye-mask to cover the eyes. A disposable cloth was spread on the couch where the treatment was to be carried out.  I was relieved to see that the entire setup was mess-free and that I didn’t need to worry about clearing up the mess after the session gets over. 

She cleaned the armpit area properly, marked the area for treatment and shaved it properly. The entire process was quite seamless. The lady finally picked up the laser handpiece to perform the treatment.

How does it feel?  Does hair removal hurt?

Surprisingly, it did not hurt at all. I almost slept through the process because it was so smooth. The blast of cool air on the underarms was very relaxing in the hot summer months. On enquiring, the Urban Company partner mentioned that they use painless diode lasers to  reduce the growth of hair follicles effectively. Their FDA approved machines use ice cool technology in lasers which ensures minimal pain and safe treatment. 

What to expect after the session?

The entire procedure took approximately 45 minutes and after the session, the partner gently wiped off the cool gel and applied sunscreen and moisturiser on my underarms. She recommended 6 sessions to get rid of unwanted hair and each session had to be spaced at a minimum of 4 weeks of interval. 

After a few days, I saw a reduction in the growth of my hair and I was now convinced that laser hair removal gives permanent results. I checked the Urban Company App and booked the bundle package for underarms laser hair reduction at home.  

Final Verdict

At-home Laser hair removal service is revolutionary. You can get permanent hair removal at home without stepping out from the comfort of your home. 

The idea of undressing at a clinic, in an unknown place to get the laser hair removal permanent treatment at intimate areas, always irked me. With Urban Company, I could get the entire treatment done from the comfort of my home. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure after the laser sessions and now I need not worry about covering myself entirely to prevent sun exposure. 

The cherry on the cake – evening slots are also available. So, I could relax and pamper myself simultaneously. I have already taken 3 such sessions and each session was equally fuss-free and painless. It is the best investment I have made so far and now the tiny hair in re-growth stages does not annoy me anymore.

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