IKEA India: 12 Things That Your Home Will Love for Under Rs. 5,000

Ikea India is here! Yes, Swedish brand IKEA, the world’s largest and much-loved furniture retailer, has finally opened its doors in Hyderabad, and we have two good pieces ...

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Ikea India is here! Yes, Swedish brand IKEA, the world’s largest and much-loved furniture retailer, has finally opened its doors in Hyderabad, and we have two good pieces of news to share with you.

First. Urban Company’s carpenters will help you with IKEA’s DIY furniture.

As you know, IKEA’s signature DIY furniture has been a hit worldwide. But it’s understandable if you’re worried about putting it together. Well, don’t be! Our skilled and talented Urban Company carpenters will help you unpack and assemble any of the furniture in about 90 minutes! All you have to do is book them on the Urban Company website or app.

Watch this video by IKEA India to know more:

Second. It’s affordable!

IKEA’s range of products is for all of us — as it is affordable and different from what you get in the Indian market today. About 1,000 products are priced under Rs. 200. Yes, you heard that right! Chopping boards for Rs. 100, sofa throws for Rs. 180, and so on and so forth.

We, too, explored and scouted the brand, and were blown away by many of its products. In this post, we’ve put together 12 such items that we absolutely loved and we bet you will love too. The best part? These are all under Rs. 5,000! So, start scrolling.

1. Agen Rattan Chair @localhost Rs. 3,990

This handwoven Agen rattan bamboo chair is perfect for any corner of your home — in the balcony, as a reading chair, in the living room, or even in your bedroom. Just jazz it up with a brightly coloured cushion and it’s ready to impress.

2. Brommo Outdoor Lounger @localhost Rs. 4,490

The best part about the Brommo outdoor lounger? Lounging, of course! Also, fold it and put it away, when not in use.

3. Reso Children’s Picnic Table @localhost Rs. 3,490

Your little ones are going to love sitting on this special Reso table for craftwork, balcony lunches or snacks, and playtime! Put it in their room, in the garden or your balcony.

4. Granboda Nest of Tables @localhost Rs. 4,990

Made of powder-coated steel, the Granboda is a set of three tables that go with any interior style or decor. You can either slide them all out and use when you have a huge gathering, or you can nest them away when not in use and, thus, save space. The smaller table also has higher edges to store items that you want too keep close at hand.

5. Lixhult Storage Combination @localhost Rs. 4,150

Add colour to your bedroom, kitchen or utility room with these steel Lixhult storage cabinets that can be stacked on top of each other. These are simple in design but high on functionality. What do you think?

6. Billy Bookcase @localhost Rs. 3,990

It’s called a bookshelf, but the Billy bookcase can also be used to effectively display other items like photo frames, succulents, trophies, souveniers, etc. It takes minimal space but can home a lot of things. The best part is that only one shelf is fixed in this bookcase while four others are adjustable.

7. Johanne Throw @localhost Rs. 1,590

This gorgeous jacquard woven Johanne throw has an eye-catching pattern that is visible on both sides. Use it to jazz up your sofa or style it on your bed.

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8. Dynan Shelf Unit @localhost Rs. 2,880

Perfect for a small bathroom, the Dynan shelf unit can store your bath towels, scented candles, toiletries and even a potted plant. Sneak it into a corner and watch it amp up the style quotient of your bathroom.

9. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp @localhost Rs. 3,990

Give your home a warm and welcoming vibe with the gorgeous Sinnerlig pendant lamp. Handcrafted from bamboo, this lamp emits a soft light that is perfect for your dining table or in a corner of your living room.

10. Sandared Pouffe @localhost Rs. 2,990

Use the Sandared pouffe as a foot rest, stool or… just a pouffe! With a soft knitted cover, it has an anti-slip on the underside, so that it sit firmly on the floor. We think it’s a snazzy and functional addition to any home.

11. Karmsund Standing Mirror @localhost Rs. 4,490

Standing mirrors are just so dramatic! They’re not only great to help you get ready, but to also add to the decor and style quotient of your room. However, IKEA’s Karmsund standing mirror has got more to offer — brackets behind the mirror to hang your clothes! Yes, either toss your clothes behind it after a work day, or keep the next day’s attire ready by hanging it behind. We love the idea!

12. Lersta Floor Lamp @localhost Rs. 1,090

Whether you like vintage, contemporary or eclectic, this Lersta floor lamp is a perfect fit in any style of interiors. But more than anything else, it is classy and can be easily adjusted to throw light wherever you prefer.


Liked our selection of IKEA’s cool products? Tell us what you love from their entire range, or what you can’t wait to buy.

And don’t forget to book your Urban Company carpenter to assemble your brand new IKEA furniture.

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