How Going from Unskilled to Skilled Changed Fursat Ali’s Life

Meet Fursat Ali, AC Repair and Service Professional at Urban Company, who turned his life around from an unskilled technician to a responsible, well-groomed & skilled professional which makes him feel valued and worthy of due respect.


Fursat came to Delhi with his uncle in 2012 and started working at a local AC repair shop. There was no one to guide him properly about the work and he started learning by on his own.

“I used to get work for merely 3-4 months and even that was not paying well. I had no dress sense and did not even groom myself properly. Hence, the customers did not feel good and did not give me the respect one should receive as an AC technician.”

Joining Urban Company changed his life

Fursat is now a respected, well groomed and a responsible person. His family is happy of the change that he has brought into his life. He recently got his sister married, renovated his house and even paid for his mother’s treatment during the previous lockdown.

“I used to earn ₹40,000-₹50,000, but those were not honest earnings. With Urban Company, not only my earnings are honest but also have doubled.”

UC made his dream come true

“I always wanted to become a teacher but I knew this cannot come true. However, with Urban Company, as I was performing well, I got the opportunity to become an SME trainer and as I trained people, I felt like my dream has finally been fulfilled.”




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