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Our goal is to build an equitable marketplace that creates opportunities for both our key stakeholders – our Service Partners and our customers.Through our business, we aim to improve the quality of life for people in urban areas by providing convenient, professional, and affordable home services, and empower service professionals through skill development and steady earnings.

To ensure decent work and economic growth for our Service Partners and reduce inequalities among them, we are committed to ensure:

  1. Middle-class earnings: Committed to Service Partners earning at least a living wage (1.8x minimum wage in New Delhi)
  2. Safety net: Provide life, accidental and health insurance cover to all Service Partners on a voluntary basis
  3. Train & upskill 500,000 Service Partners by 2030, including at least 200,000 women Service Partners
  4. Wealth creation for Service Partners: creating wealth creation opportunities for partners including through our Partner Stock Option Plan (PSOP)


To this effect, we have 4 pillars of Partner Enablement –

1. Improved Earnings

All Urban Company partners benefit from improved and steady earnings post joining the platform that help them lead middle-class livelihoods.

According to the earnings benchmarking study conducted by PGA Labs in 2021, Urban Company partners, on an average, earn 4x more than their offline counterparts, monthly.

Our Partner Earnings indices are testament to our Partners’ steady growth and increased incomes that have significantly increased their chances of upward social mobility and has paved the way for a better quality of life.

Access all our Partner Earnings index below:

Earnings Index H1 2023 |
Earnings Index H2 2022 |
Earnings Index H1 2022 |
Earnings Index Q2 FY22 |
Earnings Index Q3 FY22 |

2. Security and Well-Being benefits

To protect our Service Partners from unexpected emergencies while delivering services, we have introduced a range of security benefits.

Life, Accidental and health insurance

Urban Company voluntarily provides life insurance cover worth INR 600,000, disability cover worth INR 600,000, accidental hospitalization worth INR 70,000, accidental OPD treatment worth INR 10,000, among others.
All UC Plus Service Partners get an insurance cover of INR 200,000. The policy also provides family medical insurance for spouse and two children and up to 12 free medical consultations per year. This is in addition to the existing Group Life and Accidental Insurance cover.
Service Partners without UC Plus subscription will benefit from a health insurance cover of INR 100,000, with up to 12 free medical consultations per year for self, along with the existing benefits of the Group Life and Accidental Insurance cover.

INR 23 M

Disbursed as insurance claims in CY2022


Insurance claims settled in CY2022


Prior to their association with Urban Company, our Service Partners’ informal employment status resulted in them getting into debt traps with third parties. To avoid this, our access to credit facility helps Service Partners work in a formal economic environment wherein we partner with NBFCs and Fintechs to provide loans to our Service Partners.

INR 217 M

Worth of Service Kit Loans disbursed in CY2022

INR 12.8 M

Worth of Home Loans disbursed in CY2022

INR 156 M

Insurance claims settled in CY2022


We conduct finance, health and safety workshops regularly to educate and create awareness around these topics, and to further reduce inequalities.To this effect, we collaborated with Max Healthcare to conduct pan-India virtual health workshops for all Urban Company Service Partners. The workshops built awareness around various health conditions and proactive steps to prevent them. Personal finance workshops were conducted in partnership with Knowise Learning Academy, a financial training institution, across 11 cities.

5,200 Hours

Invested in conducting workshops

3. Training and Upskilling

We have a unique training system where we focus on every candidate’s areas of development. The first training session happens at the time of onboarding, ranging from 3 days to 45 days, depending on the partner’s skill level and category. Our Service Partners are Skill India-certified and members of the Skill India portal under our MoU with the National Skill Development Council.

3.3M Hours

Invested in training

INR 720 M

Invested in training Service Partners

200 +

Training centers


Worth of Personal Loans disbursed in CY2022

4. Wealth Creation

As part of our Wealth Creation initiatives for Service Partners, we announced an industry-first Partner Stock Option Plan (PSOP) for our Service Partners in March 2022. This initiative is a step towards creating financial benefits for Service Partners and help them become shareholders of the company by enabling broad-based wealth creation through equity sharing.

INR 52 M

Worth of company shares awarded

~ 500

Partners awarded company shares

30 %

PSOP recipients are women


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Community Impact

Come Let’s Clean

In November 2022, we started ‘Come Let’s Clean!’, an employee-led clean-up initiative, in 3 cities in India – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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Clean Drinking Water

In collaboration with Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, we installed 30 RO Water filters in schools in Delhi-NCR to ensure accessibility to clean drinking water.
Through this initiative, the TDS levels in the water in the schools were reduced by over 87% which benefited more than 8000 children.

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Helmet Distribution

As part of our ongoing CSR initiatives, the Urban Company team distributed helmets to the Karnataka Police Department
(Koramangala), ensuring safety of those who keep us safe.

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