Celebrity Home Tours Week: Irrfan Khan’s Home Is The Epitome Of Rustic Elegance

This is the final post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urban Company Homes! See the other six blogs about Alia Bhatt, John Abraham, Kangana Ranaut, Parineeti ...

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This is the final post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urban Company Homes! See the other six blogs about Alia Bhatt, John Abraham, Kangana Ranaut, Parineeti Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar’s homes here, here, here, here and here and also, here.

Irrfan Khan, as we all know, is a powerhouse of talent but what drives his creativity? We assume his new home! As they say “a house is an extension of one’s personality” and it holds true for Irffan Khan’s detail-oriented rustic elegance. Adorned with cut-out floral motifs, latticed arches, wall art and decorative intricacies, along with traditional furniture – this home has a delightful dreamy world-like quality to it.

As a tribute to Indian art and design aesthetic, Irrfan Khan’s home is occupied with exotic travel finds, and Indian paintings. It’s breathtakingly stunning and exhibits a range of traditional Indian designs splashed in bold colours.

We assure you, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them! *_*

1. A Dreamy Blue Foyer

“When you enter the house from the noise outside, I want that it changes your mindset. It brings you in” – Irrfan Khan

The house makes a stylish statement right at the entrance with an ink-blue foyer populated with cut-out floral motifs, decorative frames and art sculptures, with only a sliver of light creeping in from the majestic archway. Walking in through the darkness, you step abruptly—and almost shockingly—into a spacious house bathed in lots of vibrant colours and natural light. 

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2. The Vibrant Den

The living room is like a sanctum of detailed Indian artwork and aesthetic. Inspired by garden-spaces, it has an exposed ceiling with a poetic floral light installation that almost makes it seem like a creeper is naturally clung to the slab and spread across the expanse.

“It is important for me to have a water body. It has to have its own ecosystem, survive on its own. That fascinates me. That the fishes don’t have to be given oxygen separately, that the water doesn’t have to be cleaned or changed.” – Irrfan Khan

A deep blue Turkish bath tub, with the gentle sound of water overflowing from the urn placed at the centre, adds to the serenity of this space.

“The jhoola is a must.” – Irrfan

The swing is the first thing you will notice in the living room. A two-seater, it has a plank the size of an open newspaper, and hangs from dark-green ropes—the ornate, thick kind that could hold open a stage curtain, or disallow entry at a discotheque.

3. Mastering Greenery In Balcony

The long balcony enclosing the living room from three sides, are filled with tall greens acting as partition screens. The space speaks the story of a journey, each piece of furniture and artefact collected lovingly over a long span of time and displayed with great elegance.

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4. Fetish For Mirrors In The Dining Area


“I always peer into them even if I’m walking by in a hurry” — Irrfan

He confesses to a mirror fetish, and it can be clearly seen in his dining area, bathed in whites and blues. The blues are extended into his dining space as well. There’s a calming yet bohemian feel to this entire place. The dining room is more stately and formal, with a panelled wall inset with mirrors along one side. A hand carved console and lots of light soften the space, making it a royal yet warm place to enjoy a meal.

5. Irrfan’s Tranquil White Bedroom

Irrfan’s bedroom is a multi-lateral combination of spaces – a tall library wall, a comfortable sofa seating to watch television, a reading nook with a rocking chair and a study room tucked away at the back. The amber glass panels in the windows cast beautiful patterns that move with the sunlight through the day. A Gond painting is drawn on the wall behind the bed to immediately catch the eye.

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A rustic Bergere chair in the bay.

On the other side of his bedroom is a bay window through which you can get a view of his private study.

The corresponding gap in the bedroom bookshelf has been beautifully stacked with awards being haphazardly placed in all levels.

6. Sutapa’s Bedroom Is An Indian Art Lover’s Paradise

A charming rustic nightstand by the bed.



Charming rustic nightstand by the bed

“I like her room because it is its own thing; it has evolved on its own. There is no school of design here. There is nothing synthetic about the way it feels.” – Irrfan

Sutapa’s bedroom, with its floral motif and Gond art, is a more individualistic area, standing out in a house built around varied knick-knacks, collected across far-flung travels. Sutapa’s bedroom is thus tailored to her likes and tastes.

OKAY. Stop drooling over the pictures and take some classy and sophisticated home decor inspiration for your next refurnishing session already! <3


With the Interior Designer Shabnam Gupta

Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest | Interior Designer: Shabnam Gupta

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